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Summer Is Coming!


We are one week away from the start of this year's SUMMER DETOX! This program is one of my favorites for its ability to nurture health, youthfulness, confidence, & fat loss. Plus, the camaraderie from the group coaching makes things fun & motivating! This daily, step-by-step process takes the guesswork out of dieting & allows you to acheive real results!

I don't follow diet trends. And I'm not repping any brands or paid to push products.

This DETOX is just a real, honest system that has worked for me through the years to feel healthy & confident in my body....without torturing myself with extreme diets or obsessive control over food. No measuring. No food scales. No calorie counting. No bland, dry, cardboard-like tasting foods. This focuses on your body what it needs to feel optimized & healthy in order to gain control over your cravings and vices.

My nutrition philosophy allows plenty of room for pleasure (because life is boring without that!) but teaches you how to get results by tapping into your body's built-in ability to become a fat-burner instead of a sugar-burner, which is what we pretty much all are these days.

This way of eating is less like a diet...and more about reconnecting with your body. Learning what it really needs to thrive & feel nourished.

But, we are so run by our addictions (sugar, alcohol, caffeine, dopamine, etc.), it's hard to hear what your body is saying it needs.

So, that is what this 2-week SUMMER DETOX is all about. Getting rid of the "junk" that scrambles your brain and prevents your body from self-regulating and being vibrant. This is a chance for a true return to health - body, mind, & spirit.

There is all this untapped potential to heal ourselves & feel beautiful in our bodies through natural means. This program is designed to reconnect you with the self-care and healthy choices to make that possible. Join us starting May 16 as we embark on this journey with easy, simple daily tasks that will get you real results. Embrace your power to nurture your beauty & youth with real foods, simple exercises, & empowering mindsets.

Get $10 OFF if you sign up by May 12 at midnight!

Promo Code: lastchance

Feedback from the last DETOX:

"I loved this detox even more the second time around!! I've learned to really listen to my body & what it needs. I love all Tanya's tips & recipes - they were so helpful on this journey!! Tanya - you are the smartest person I know when it comes to nutrition & taking good care of our body."

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Reminder: This program is for guys, gals, dancers, non-dancers, young, and the not-so-young. All are welcomed! This is a great bonding experience to do as a couple, as well! We hope you'll join us! For questions or concerns, email here.