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People often ask what my tricks are for fat loss. It's almost as if they assume they are missing a piece of the puzzle, & if they can just get all the pieces, the fat will easily melt off. And while there certainly are methods & strategies for fat loss...the main "trick" is HARD WORK and effort.

Fat loss is HARD. Muscle sculpting & building is HARD. Body transformation is HARD. Engineering your body to look a certain way takes real effort & is not easily attainable. There's a reason we don't all walk around like sculpted Greek gods & goddesses. That's not the norm for the average human. We are just bombarded with photoshopped, surgery-enhanced, Botox-injected, steroid-popping models & athletes all day long on social media to the point where your brain thinks that's the norm & makes you feel awful for not looking that way.

Our human genetics & coding are built for survival. Mother Nature wants you hardy to survive harsh winters & long bouts with little food before you score that next hunt...not lean & shredded to be on the cover of a fitness magazine. In order to counteract nature, it takes extreme effort. But the effort is exactly what makes it so rewarding.

These days, there are lots of tempting shortcuts (fat loss pills, cosmetic surgeries, magic supplements) that may seem like an easy fix...but they never really are a "fix." You're essentially relinquishing your body's natural ability to transform & adapt from stimulus by overriding your system with drugs & quick fixes. This teaches your body to be lazy, which means you'll have an even harder time getting your body to respond to your efforts when you stop taking the drugs. (Not to mention the possible side effects that could occur from introducing a foreign element into your body's system.)

Plus, the quick fix won't give you the same satisfaction as building yourself through your own efforts. Because that's what really gives you confidence -- taking the steps necessary every day to become a better version of yourself. Your conscience will make you feel guilty if you try to bypass that virtuous work & effort. You need to feel like you are on an upward trajectory as a direct result of your actions. That is what gives you confidence & power over your life...not how you look in the mirror. That's where that victorious feeling everyone is searching for in life comes from.

Lesson of the Day: There's no way around hard work and the real results it gives you. And there's no secret for fat loss & body transformation...other than hard work. Methods, strategies, philosophies...yes. But they all require hard work and effort.

I say this not to discourage you...but to manage your expectations. Because the sooner you stop expecting an easy fix, the sooner you can get to work. But first, you must decide if you want it bad enough. For some, the effort isn't worth the squeeze. And that's just fine. That realization can allow you to stop torturing yourself expecting something unrealistic. But if you are serious about body engineering & transformation, just be ready to work for it.

Speaking of which, I'll be running another SUMMER DETOX starting May 16 to jump-start & motivate you on your fat loss journey. Not only do you get my tried-and-true Fat Loss Game Plan eating philosophy (lifetime access!), but you get daily guidance & actionable steps through a WhatsApp group chat for the 2-week period. This is crucial because it allows you to immediately start taking action so you look & feel better within days!

Plus, you also get the camaraderie of the group...which goes a long way towards keeping everyone accountable & motivated. This program has been wildly popular in the past, & there are some huge success stories from previous DETOX groups! So I can't wait to see what this round brings!

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