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Mastering Audition Season

2 Easy Steps

While some of you might still be recovering from Nutcracker season, the rest of you are already onto your next project – audition season!

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Just the word “audition” might strike fear in your heart. But if you really think about it, it’s totally an exciting time of year. So many opportunities await you out there, and each one could dramatically change your life’s course. Plus, auditions don’t have to be a daunting test of your worth (If I get the contract, I am good enough. If I don’t, I suck.). The actual “win” of auditions comes from the process; not the outcome. You don't want to just survive audition season; you want to thrive in it. Mastering your audition season then involves these 2 simple steps:

1. Stop focusing on the wrong thing.

You can’t possibly control the outcome of auditions. Even if you have your best dance day ever; even if you are the most accomplished, refined, talented dancer in the room; you still might not get the job. There are many factors that go into choosing dancers from the other side of the audition table. So determining your worth based on outcome is useless.

I have one Bad Girl Ballerina client who recently got to help the artistic staff at an audition. She said it was so informative to see all the things that were being considered when picking dancers from the audition pool. It wasn’t a cut and dry “Is this dancer good or bad?” and it also wasn’t a matter of choosing the best dancers in the room, either. It was very much a consideration of finding the best dancers for the job. Things like attitude, size, movement style, energy all had to fit in nicely with the current company members to create the overall look the artistic staff was trying to mold with their company.

Long story short, what does this mean for you? If you aren’t chosen for the job, that doesn’t necessarily mean you weren’t good enough for it. It might just mean you weren’t a good fit for that specific spot in that specific company. So, don’t allow your mental demons to get too dramatic (I’m a terrible dancer. I’ll never be good enough. Nobody will ever hire me.) just because you aren’t offered a contract. Shut that sh*t down right now. Stop focusing on the outcome.

2. Okay so, if you can't focus on the outcome, what should you focus on?

The process. That is what you have control over; what actually leads to your next level. Knowing you are putting your best efforts in to grow as an athlete and an artist is crucial. This leaves you feeling prepared for the audition when you slap that number on because you put the work in each step of the way leading up to that moment. You are confident you did everything you could to optimize your physical body and your mental state for the task ahead of you. That feeling of power and confidence is your win. That comes from the work, the grind, the process. And that is what will carry over into your dance career, whether you get the job or not.

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So, to help you embrace this crucial part of your journey and get you engaged in the process, I am offering a 40% discount on two online programs that will help you prepare for audition season – so you can feel confident and casual about your auditions instead of fearful and desperate.

My PHOTO SHOOT PREP program is a solid way to nail your audition photos through a 21-day step-by-step process. Here's the bonus though - this also comes with my newly updated FUEL THE FIERCENESS nutrition guide as a part of the program. So you will have continued guidance to help you feel sleek, vibrant, and energized for your auditions themselves even after you nail those photos. (By the way, have you seen this recent article from Rachel Neville about getting audition photos that set you apart from the crowd?)

And my KEY TO YOUR CORE program is one of my favorite methods for committing to a process that will focus your energy and improve your dancing. This 6-week program will guide you through exercises that enhance your full-body coordination and the central powerhouse of your body - two of the biggest factors for developing my ballet technique over the years.

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The best part of these online programs is that you get lifetime access to them. So, even if you aren’t ready to jump in the second the Nutcracker Suite stops looping through your head, you can save these for when you really need them. Now, let's get you started on the process so you can master your audition season - don't just survive it; thrive in it!

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