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Analyze Your Arabesque

Live Event January 17!

Who struggles with their arabesque?

Me me me...ooh pick me🙋‍♀️!!!

Even after 3 decades in this dance world, I still question whether I am doing this common, basic position “right.” And I still question why I can't get my arabesque to look like Sylvie Guillem’s despite all my pain and efforts.

But being the seasoned professional that I am also means there isn't much of a platform to talk about this stuff, not to mention analyze how to get better. By the time we leave a school environment and enter our career path, most of us feel pressured to put on an air like we know what we are doing & have everything figured out. On the stage, a successful performance often requires a poker face of confidence and ease, disguising our intense efforts and frustrations. This is a necessary component to an accomplished artist. 

The problem comes from that poker face carrying over into the studio where we should be comfortable struggling and experimenting as we figure things out on our bodies. Our “everything is just fine” attitude can actually prevent us from learning and growing as we become more and more afraid of making a mistake or appearing amateur in our art.

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And so, out of this need for a platform to discuss this stuff freely, without fearing losing face and with the intent to grow as artists, Dance Dissection is born! After three of us NYC freelance dancers got together and realized we all had similar doubts and questions about our bodies and technique but no real opportunities to voice these issues while “on the clock” at rehearsals, we decided we must not be the only 3 professionals with these unanswered questions. Why not make an industry wide event to start addressing this stuff instead of hiding it? And guess what our first topic is going to cover – ARABESQUE & PENCHE!

Come join us Thursday, January 17, as we talk about why we struggle with our arabesque & what to do to improve it. You'll learn about the movement itself, genetic and ingrained patterns that can limit your arabesque on your unique body, and exercises to enhance your arabesque line. There just might be some fun and partying involved too (dranks and food included!)! In other words - this is not a stuffy lecture😎.

Get on the guest list and grab your ticket through the button below. Or, email me with any questions you might have. Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 cash at the door. Or, bring a friend and get the 2 for $30 "Friends with Benefits" deal through the link below!
Sure, you might never have an arabesque like Sylvie Guillem...but that doesn't mean you can't enhance whatcha got;)