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Dance Dissection:

Arabesque & Penché

Break Down the Movement. Break Down your Barriers.

Truth: Your body has limitations in terms of your ballet technique that you are absolutely powerless to change.

Truth: You probably are confused and raging at me right now for not being all positive with the “you can do anything if you believe in yourself and work hard enough” bullsh*t. But, before you unfollow me and write me off as one of those miserable people who thinks they have no power over their destiny or happiness…allow me to explain.

It’s not a defeatist attitude to recognize that you have unique genetic features that prevent you from realizing the image of ballet perfection that you have been aspiring to your whole life. Far from being limiting, understanding your body and owning up to your physical limitations is incredibly freeing.

Let’s take your arabesque, for example. You know that vile feeling that you get in the pit of your stomach after every adagio when you brutalize yourself for STILL not having that perfect arabesque line you’ve drooled after your whole ballet life? Well, once you learn about your unique body’s limitations (many of them being genetic that you have no control over), you can stop beating yourself up for something that is impossible and start working on things that are actually within the realm of your possibility to change.

Because here’s another truth: there are a lot of things you can improve about your arabesque but you’ve been so focused on the impossible that you never get around to them. And it’s not just a matter of working hard, gritting, and grinding through to make improvements. It’s about working smarter - retraining your body on not only a physical level but also sometimes on a neurological and mental level, too. Focus on the aspects of your body that you can affect healthy change in.

That’s exactly why we designed this workshop on Jan 17 in NYC to start addressing these issues. Not only will you learn about your physical limitations to your arabesque & penché, but you’ll walk away with exercises and stretches to enhance what you do have control over. (Plus, we fully plan to party with a little food and drank!)

  • What: Dance Dissection – Arabesque & Penché
  • Where: Barnard Hall, NYC (see tickets for exact directions)
  • When: Thursday, January 17 at 6pm-8pm
  • Why: Because learning should be fun and shameless…no matter what stage of the game you are in.
  • Other Details: Light snacks and 1 drink are included with your ticket. Come ready to have your mind blown, move a little, and have fun!

In discovering the things you can’t change, you can start to strategically focus on the things you can control…some of which you may never have considered while you were so obsessed with the elements outside of your genetic potential. Understanding why it is impossible for your body to do certain things takes away the huge burden of expectation and frees you up to express your artistry in your own way.

Click the link below to grab your ticket now!

(P.S. If you bring a friend, it is only $15 each!)

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Photo credit: Rachel Neville Photography