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Learn how to improve your extensions TONIGHT!

I don't know about you, but I've had a love-hate relationship with my body and ballet. Well, to be honest, it used to be a pure hate relationship as I ripped my body apart in my efforts to get my leg up to my face in perfect ballet lines. The pain was nauseating at times. But, I thought surely I would succeed if I pushed myself hard enough and endured enough pain.


All I got was old-lady-hips that chronically ached and caused me to hobble around...and an intense disgust for my body...and eventually ballet. Little did I know that the things I was focusing on were all wrong. My hardcore efforts were actually impeding my progress.

It doesn't help that we are often coached to do things in our ballet training that are anatomically impossible. And when you can't deliver the results that are being demanded, it can make you feel like a loser:

What's wrong with me?

Why can't I figure this out?

I want this so bad, but my body just won't do what I'm asking it to do!

How am I ever going to get my leg up to my ear if I'm practically passing out with effort just holding it at 90 degrees?

Can you relate?

Only now am I learning to love my body...through an understanding of how it actually works. By learning about the physical limitations that result from genetics, the things that are completely out of my control no matter how hard I grip and grind, I am able to focus on the factors I do have control over. And what do ya know - I'm actually making improvements with my extensions (not to mention my hip pain is nonexistent!).

You see, the issues you face with your extensions can come from both genetic & behavioral limitations (in other words, the stuff you are born with and the stuff learned over time):

  • We are all born with the same number of bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons…but the way those features are put together and the characteristics of each can vary significantly from person to person.
  • On top of that, there are certain variations in our bodies that become ingrained through practiced, learned behaviors over time, affected by the way we are taught ballet technique as well as our personal decisions of how to apply that technique.

Whether you are born with them or they are acquired and “molded” through your behaviors, these varying factors make each of our individual challenges unique.

Being aware of your limitations is not an excuse to give up working on your extensions, feeling doomed that this is "as good as it gets." Instead, it frees you to focus on the factors you do have control over. This requires not working hard for the sake of working hard, but working smarter & reprogramming things - physically, mentally, neurologically - on your body. A.K.A. training with proper intent and body awareness.

Tonight we'll talk about the 3 main factors that affect your front & side extensions…both in terms of genetic limitations (which you have to learn to work around) and behavioral (which you can affect change in). You'll get specific exercises to enhance your extensions AND the knowledge to make peace with your unique body and its genetic potential. Plus, it never hurts to enjoy a little food, drank, & fun with fellow dancers struggling with the same issues you are;)

Stop hiding in shame and let's figure this stuff out together!

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Join us TONIGHT to discuss the barriers that you are running into that aren't your well as the missing links to help get your leg up!

  • What: Break It Down: Extensions Front & Side
  • When: Monday, May 6 at 6-8pm
  • Where: Barnard Hall, 3009 Broadway, New York, NY 10027 (exact details provided on the tickets)
  • Why: Because learning should be fun and matter what stage of the game you are in.
  • Other Details: Light snacks and 1 drink are included with your ticket. Come ready to have your mind blown, move a little, and have fun!
  • Ticket Pricing:
    • $20 in advance online (link below)
    • $30 in advance online for you & a friend 
    • $25 cash at the door

Click the link below to grab your ticket!

(Hint: If you bring a friend, it's only $15 each!)

Side Note: This workshop will be filmed and eventually available for purchase online for the out-of-towners. If you are interested, please subscribe to the mailing list here so you can get access to it when it is released.

Photo credit: Tristan Pope Photography of Elisabeth Jeffrey