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2 Tools to Up Your Dance Game

Peak Performance & Extension Enhancement

1. Performance Enhancement

If you haven't checked out the DanceWell Podcast yet, this resource is legit! You know how there is SOOOO much information out there on the internet that it can be overwhelming? You want to learn and grow, but you don't even know where to start. Especially when so much content seems to contradict itself, you don't know who to trust and listen to. Well, these gals at the DanceWell Podcast are filtering through all the bullsh*t to bring you resources in the dance world you can rely on.

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on their podcast where we talked about performance enhancement. Check out our conversation below to gain insights on peak performance, nutrition, fulfillment, avoiding burnout, finding REAL success, and more. Let me know if any of the topics struck a chord with you & what you'd like to hear more about.

2. Dance Dissection: Front & Side Extensions

Our second workshop is fast approaching!

When aiming for that elusive line with your leg up to your face or next to your ear, I think we all battle with similar questions:

Should my hips stay square or tilt?

Do I have to tuck or arch?

Why can she do it so effortlessly while I can barely hit 90 degrees?

Join Tanya, Leigh, and Elisabeth in this workshop designed for anyone who wants to deconstruct these movements, learn the anatomy that's involved, and get some exercises for extension enhancement. This is NOT a stuffy lecture but an interactive event that allows us working professionals to sort through our nagging questions and gain new tools to improve our craft. There will be plenty of time to digest information, practice the exercises, get your questions answered, plus party a little;) The fun starts at 6pm on Monday, May 6! Light refreshments and snacks are included with your ticket.

Bring your curiosity, and we'll bring the information ..... and drinks :)

  • What: Break It Down: Front & Side Extensions
  • When: Monday, May 6 at 6-8pm
  • Where: Barnard Hall, 3009 Broadway, New York, NY 10027 (exact details provided on the tickets)
  • Why: Because learning should be fun and matter what stage of the game you are in.
  • Other Details: Light snacks and 1 drink are included with your ticket. Come ready to have your mind blown, move a little, and have fun!
  • Ticket Pricing:
    • $20 in advance online (link below)
    • $30 in advance online for you & a friend 
    • $25 cash at the door

Click the link below to grab your ticket!

(Hint: If you bring a friend, it's only $15 each!)

Do you have any questions about your personal struggles with your extensions front and side that you want answered? Email us your issues, and we'll try to include solutions at our workshop! (BTW, we plan to film the live seminar and make it available for a small fee online in the future. So, even if you don't live in the NYC area, you can get access to this information! Just make sure you subscribe to our mailing list for updates:)