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Banish Your Food-Guilt

Are you able to step away occasionally from your grueling daily routine of calculated diet and exercise without your mental demons harassing you about falling behind? Or do these annoying little whispers float around in your head constantly, making it difficult to enjoy the break you intended to give yourself? In other words, are you tormented by food-guilt whenever you "cheat" on your diet and allow yourself to relax?

I just returned from a short trip to Malibu, CA, where I got to sit back, unwind, and fully indulge in the pleasures of life for a few days. I say this not to make you jealous…but because I want you to be able to enjoy the same freedom for yourself without guilt or worry dulling your experience. I’ve been on the other side of the spectrum where the mental torment is so harsh you never want to take a vacation, and I can tell you that life is way better when you can let go of your food-guilt and immerse yourself in pleasure.

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I remember a time not too long ago when no matter how beautiful of a place or incredible of an opportunity I found myself in, I was unable to escape all the “have-to's” and “must-do's” I was holding myself to. I was chained to worry, guilt, and shame over my food & exercise choices. The thought of taking a break from my rigid routine was terrifying:

What will happen if I miss my workouts and go off my diet?

I'll fall behind!

I’ll blow up & get fat!

My dancing will suffer!

Why did I screw up my perfect diet with that chocolate cake?

Who am I to indulge in this experience? I don’t deserve to relax and enjoy these things!

As a result, I kept myself reined in and controlled at all times, even when I was supposed to “let go.” Vacations weren’t exciting; they were a cause for concern because they threatened my routine and sense of control. Or, if I did actually let myself indulge, I would endlessly beat myself up for being weak and succumbing to temptation. I’d come back from vacation more stressed out and burdened than before I left. Man, what a waste of precious life!

The problem was that I was using food as a way of determining my worth. If I could stick to my arbitrary food rules, deny myself my cravings, and resist the temptation all around me, I thought of myself as "good." But if I strayed from my rules and routine, I was "bad." Food was a test for me - either I passed and got to think of myself as virtuous, or I failed and hung my head in shame. 

It wasn’t until I learned to see food as actual nourishment that I was able to escape my food-guilt. And not just "nourishment" in a general, hokey sense, but nourishment on 3 distinct levels for fat loss, performance power, and pleasure. The philosophy that was formulated out of this concept allows me to use food as a tool to get these outcomes I desire (including experiencing life with a new level of enjoyment!). Knowing which foods to eat and how they will interact with my body gives me the confidence to let go and indulge (without the guilt!) when the opportunities present themselves. Then, I have the knowledge to get right back on track towards sculpting my aesthetics or powering my performance without sacrificing my sanity and pleasure.

There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman so confident in her body and in control of her life that she can completely let go in the moment to enjoy the pleasures and sensations of this world. That confidence and control comes from being fully in your power – from having the plan and tools to guide your life down the path you desire. That is what real control is all about...not the illusion of control that comes from rigid routines and rules.

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That is why I want to share with you my tool for success. This philosophy can give you the knowledge to make peace with your body by learning how to fuel it properly for fat loss, performance, and pleasure. Go ahead, indulge in your life…untethered from guilt, shame, and worry.

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