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Tools of Transformation

If you don't have the tools to transform your body (& life!) in a healthy way, that's when you turn to destructive behaviors -- eating disorders, obsessive exercise, unnecessary restriction, bodily harm, etc. -- in a desperate attempt to gain control. These unhealthy methods of transformation might give you a false sense of control in the short term, but the damage you incur, both physically & emotionally, cancels out any sort of "leveling up" you might fool yourself into believing you're achieving with all your pain and suffering.

That's why it is essential to learn how to transform your body in a healthy way -- nurturing it from the inside out. Traditional training doesn't teach you this. They show you the moves & expect you to follow along. But the magic is not in copying what you see on the surface. It's in the much more subtle but POWERFUL task of getting into your body & mastering it:

  • challenging it with your workouts in a way that builds strength & resiliency 
  • nurturing it with healthy foods & recovery methods 
  • understanding where its limits are & which of those limits you can push for peak performance

It's the mindset along with the work that matters. It's developing a relationship with your body and then optimizing it from a place of understanding and purpose. This is part of the knowledge you gain in my online program BECOMING BULLETPROOF - LEVEL 1. You'll learn to guide your body into transformation...instead of forcing it through destruction (something us dancers are sadly soooo good at).

This isn't easy work. It means you can't check out when you exercise and just get your sweat on. It means you can't just copy what the girl next to you is doing. It requires you to think for yourself. Be intentional with your workouts. Be fully present & aware in your body. Be curious about what your body can do and how it can move better. Be challenged mentally just as hard as physically. This may not be easy...but this kind of intentional, focused, strategic exercise is the most rewarding in the end. This is what makes you a master of movement.

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