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How to Feel Vibrant & Confident in Your Body

4 Simple Tips

With all the chaos & uncertainty in the world, especially over the past year, it can be difficult to focus on you and your life goals. I don't know about you, but with dance jobs being even rarer and harder to find & studios just barely starting to open up again, it's been tough to find the motivation to take care of myself.

Full disclosure, I've definitely had a few breakdowns over the past several months, being consumed by feelings of hopelessness, rage, and anxiety over the future. But I don't want to live in that negative space, and that's definitely not the kind of energy I want to put out in the world.

Plus, I have some significant life events coming up in May that I want to do my best to feel vibrant & confident for. I don't want the regret of missing out on the beauty in life just because I let a negative outlook drag me down. It's true that there is a lot of uncertainty and things out of our control right now. But there's also way more power in the things we actually can control than we give credit to. You just need to know how to channel your energy & focus. Since I'm going through this process of shifting my state to get my vibe back, I thought it might be useful to you, in case you find yourself struggling as well. So, here's an insight into my process for finding my power.

Focus on the HERE & NOW

If you've lost a lot over the past year, it's tempting to hold onto that pain from your past in an attempt to somehow get even. So, you keep conjuring up all the pain so you remember what you lost. You worry that if you let it go and move on, that will somehow make it okay. But that's not how it works. You're not getting even with the universe by keeping yourself in misery. You're just keeping yourself in misery.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, it's easy to allow your fears about the future to spiral out of control when there's so much uncertainty in these unprecedented times. But when you live too much in the what-ifs, you miss out on the here-and-now. Not to mention, you don't even know if those nightmare scenarios you are dreaming up will even come to pass.

So at best, focusing on the past or future is a waste of your energy. At worst, it prevents you from seizing control over the things (which we'll get to below) in the present moment that CAN give you a sense of power and certainty over your life. It also blocks you from seeing the beauty and good that actually still does exist in this very moment. This is small mindset shift with a pretty big payoff. Do it now...doesn't cost a cent.

Nourish Your Body & Mind Properly

Duh. This is a pretty basic b*tch concept, but knowing how to do it properly is a different story. While there's no one-size-fits-all diet, understanding certain scientific principles can help you achieve certain results from the food you eat. For example, there are foods that help promote fat loss in your body for aesthetic goals. There are foods that are useful for performance and athletic goals. And there are foods that add to your vibrancy, so you can feel fully alive & capable of enjoying the here & now.

When it comes to your mind and depression, sugar is almost always a bad idea. Yet, it's the first thing many of us reach for in a desperate attempt to seek comfort when feeling low. But sugar acts like a drug in your body and will only make you feel worse as it messes with your hormones and leaves you crashing from the high to an even lower state than before you ate it. So, as much as you want to reach for the pint of Ben & Jerry's (been there, done that) while you cry your eyes out...try this healthy snack instead (you can still cry your eyes's cathartic).

Knowing when to eat the proper kinds of foods can give you control over your body and mind, so you can feel confident & know you're on track towards building your best self. That feeling is priceless.

If you want more info on my eating philosophy, check out my FAT LOSS GAME PLAN. It's not just about fat loss; it also encourages you to feel vibrant, healthy, and alive. Here's my latest recipe to give you a taste (LOL pun totally intended).

Build Strength, Resiliency, & Shape with Workouts

When I workout, it's never just to "work out." Exercise should always have a purpose. Whether that purpose is to blow off steam or to create a certain outcome in your body, your efforts need to be channeled in a specific way. When you want to transform your body -- both in its appearance and its ability to perform -- you can't just get your sweat on and do a random workout found on YouTube. Especially when you're a dancer who has precious little time and energy to need to work out with the proper intention.

Currently, I'm focusing on getting my strength back for ballet, protecting my joints so I'm less likely to get injured when the dance jobs pick up again, and refining the shape of my body so I feel confident in my own skin.

If you want a sense of what I've been doing workout-wise, come to my next Dance Conditioning Class in NYC (Open Jar Studios - 1601 Broadway, 11th Floor) on Wednesday, April 14, at 4pm. We'll have fun struggling together;) If you can't make it in person, grab the video to do on your own time:

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Email me for more details & to reserve a spot! Space is limited due to COVID restrictions, so let me know if you want in! No equipment needed (unless you want a towel or yoga mat to lay on). Guys, gurls, & non-dancers all welcome!

Clear Negativity

This is a necessary complement to the first thing we talked about above. You can't be present in the moment if you are drowning in a sea of negative emotions that haven't been dealt with yet. Those things don't just go away. They may become less prominent & disruptive over time if you are good at pushing them down and hiding from them. But that doesn't exactly take care of things. Those ignored emotions will come back to haunt you when you least expect it. Plus, they build up a film that dulls your perception and prevents you from seeing clearly in life. So, you might as well do your best to actively clear them asap.

How do you do that? There are lots of methods out there, but personally I find breathwork, yoga flow, and journaling work well for me. There aren't a lot of rules here. The important thing is that you DO something to work through the stress, anxiety, & pain of these crushing times. Get rid of the negativity so you can feel the good.

Hopefully these 4 tips give you some solid steps to help build confidence and vibrancy in your body. These are hard times no doubt...but things might not be as bad as you are making them out to be. You just might be fixating on the wrong things. So, try some of these tips to regain an empowering mindset that reminds you of the control you have over your body and emotions.

I'm not saying I have it all figured out. But as far as I can tell, we all have a choice to either move backwards or forwards every day. Let's choose forwards.

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Pic Credit: Marc DeGeorge - Muse Marc Studio