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Silver Lining

Know Yourself Know Your Worth

Maybe this time is meant to teach us something. When all the hustle and distractions of "normal" life find out what really makes you happy, what really fulfills you, & what you're really made up of.

And here's a hint - it's not the amount of Likes you get on a photo or Facebook post.

Not how many Followers you have on Instagram.
Not the prestigious company you were hired by.
Not the roles you get cast in.

Not the compliments & attention of your dance teacher when you do a "good job."

Not the admiration of your peers when you nail a variation.

Not the false sense of accomplishment you get from following a rigid routine day after day.

Those things won't fulfill you. And they can vanish in an we've all seen in these last few weeks.

But those things aren't who you are. They're not what makes you special. And they will never make you truly happy. Use this time to start searching for what will.

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Photo: @ikonick

When all that external chatter goes away...nothing else matters if you are aren't grounded in the simple things, living from moment to moment, fully inhabiting who you are.


Photo credit (title): Sean Cook