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Pain Is Not Your Enemy


Although difficult to endure in the moment, it is not your enemy. In fact, it is necessary.

Physically it makes you stronger. In terms of exercise, if done right, the pain you endure eventually gives way to an upgraded version of your body. The pain tells your body to get stronger, faster, smarter, better so that it can handle the pressure it is being put under. Without pain, without the challenge, you don't level up.

Mentally & emotionally it makes you appreciate your worth. On some deep level, you recognize that you don't deserve the pain you are feeling. And so, it pushes you to get out of situations where you are being mistreated or hurt. Or, you learn from your mistakes and vow to play your cards differently the next time around. It coaxes you to evaluate what you really want and what you really deserve.

Like a sword being molded by flames, this trial by fire shapes you. It forges a more refined, more resilient, more aware version of yourself.

But you can't run away from the pain. You can't hide from it. And you can't wallow in it, either. You have to embrace it for what it is. Figure out what it has to teach you. Walk into it and use it. This bravery to stand in the midst of your hardships is exactly what allows you to persevere and thrive on the other side of your pain.

And so, I welcome the pain. Because I can appreciate the growth that comes from it. Pain is a great teacher if you learn to use it for what it is. Embrace it, and come out stronger on the other side.

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Photo credit: Steve Vaccariello