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Are You Workout Obsessed...or Obsessed with Getting Results?

Hint: They're NOT the Same Thing

Most people assume I’m obsessed with working out. Since I’m a cross-training coach, personal trainer, and involved in a ballet career that requires me to continually improve my physicality despite the typical decline that ensues from the natural aging process, it makes sense to assume that I spend hours in the gym every day working on my body and conditioning.

But, you’ll never see me posting “workout of the day” videos like other Instagram fitness models or listing flavor-of-the-day exercises for you to follow along with. Because the truth is:

  • I don’t do a daily workout. 
  • I don’t spend all my time in the gym exercising. 
  • I don’t obsess over working out. 

In fact, I try to be as efficient as possible with my workouts so I spend the LEAST amount of time in the gym working on myself. Sure, I'm there every day helping my clients with their personal path to progress, but in terms of my own fitness schedule, I exercise once or twice a week at most!

So if you’re following me because you are looking for a workout template to copy to feed your daily workout obsession, you're going to be disappointed. It’s not only that I don’t do a daily workout, but it’s that giving you a random list of exercises to add to your routine is not going to help you. If anything, it will only harm you by fueling those mental demons taunting you to constantly do more. They sabotage your progress and ability to level up by keeping you busy with these arbitrary exercises and tasks so you don’t have time to figure out what it really takes to get to your next level – what you really need to address in order to become a better dancer and better version of yourself.

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That's why being obsessed with working out is not going to help you level up. I know those demons barking in your head...telling you to do more more more...reminding you that your efforts are never enough...making you feel guilty until you are exhausted and beat up. I was there once, too.

Being obsessed (or maybe we should say passionate) with getting results, on the other hand, is a different story. This requires you to build a relationship with yourself and your body that is more than just crossing workouts off your to-do list. This requires a genuine appreciation for your body and what it is capable of.

You see, the real secret behind my Bulletproof Ballerina system is that it’s not about the workout at all. It’s what the workout allows you to do that matters. The Bulletproof Ballerina workout is just a tool. It’s the mechanism that allows you to get to the deeper stuff that can really make you invincible & powerful in your art. Surprisingly, the real game-changers for your dance career (and life in general!) have much more to do with the mental than the physical aspects of the workout.

Now, you can’t have one without the other. It’s not that physical strength isn’t important. You absolutely need the physical challenge of the workouts. The physical component is the channel for your deeper transformation. Not only do you get the benefits of extra power, stamina, control, and balance with less risk of injury in your dancing, but you get the confidence that comes from overcoming a difficult task, for persevering despite seemingly impossible odds, for committing to achieve something that you’ve never been able to do before. In order for these mental benefits to occur, the workout has to be a special kind – hard enough to provide a REAL physical challenge…but still doable to the point where you feel a REAL sense of accomplishment afterwards.

That’s why I’m coming out with a new online course that teaches the technique and mindset behind my Bulletproof Ballerina system through a 6-week workout program. Not only will you be led through 12 progressive workouts introducing you to basic Bulletproof strength training, but you’ll be coached to hone this very essential mental component that comes not from checking out while you bang through a random workout…but from honing a special mind-body awareness that allows you to enhance your body rather than abuse it with your workouts. I always coach my dancers with the notion that the magic doesn't lie in the exercises lies in how you perform them. This course will teach you how to develop that crucial mindset and technique for yourself.

Stay tuned for the release of BECOMING BULLETPROOF – Level 1 in early 2020. As always, my Bad Girl Ballerinas will get priority access and discounts, so if you’re not on my email list, subscribe below now!