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Abun(dance) Podcast

Get to know a little more about me in this interview with Kristen Faraclas and Hannah Schayes for the Abun(dance) Podcast. We talk about the mental & physical tools I've used to build a fulfilling dance career despite my almost crippling lack of self-confidence & how I got to where I am today, plus tips for finding work in the dance world, & more! Here are some of the key points:

  • 10:05 - My personal user's manual for my body (Hint: the Bad Girl Ballerina Blog)
  • 13:20 - Why being the perfect little bunhead is not the answer
  • 16:38 - Training for peak performance - "I never stopped dancing; but I stopped training like a dancer."
  • 19:05 - Pre-performance physical & mental prep 
  • 24:02 - Struggles & getting help
  • 27:44 - Freelancing vs full-time contracts
  • 31:08 - Tips for starting out your career - " a solid reputation for yourself."
  • 46:53 - "Be open to what fulfills you."

After you listen, I'd love to hear your feedback. Did you find anything particularly helpful? Could you relate to any parts? Send me your thoughts :)


In order to prep for the physically demanding Nutcracker season just around the corner, there have been requests to ramp up November's conditioning schedule in order to feel as fit as possible going into the performances ahead. So, we are adding a few extra classes! Come to as many or as few as you want💪.

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3 Ways to Join ($20 per class): 

  • In-Person at our new NYC Upper West Side location
  • Live via Zoom
  • Via video (7-day unlimited playback)

To reserve a spot or get on the list for a video, message me below!

Tip for Getting Through an Injury

With the dance world starting back up again full blast, our bodies are experiencing a bit of shock with the sudden physical demands being required of them again after so much time spent couch-surfing during the pandemic. No matter how well you tried to take care of yourself during the last year and a half, nothing compares to the real-life strain of rushing around from rehearsal to rehearsal, dancing on hard floors, & spending hours on your feet day after day. 

Let's be real...we are ALL grateful for the work! No one's complaining about being back in studios & on stages. But our bodies are not conditioned for this kind of stress. As a result, a lot of my friends and colleagues are suffering from injuries right now. So, in an effort to ease your recovery in case you are feeling pain, check out these tips for dealing with & healing from injuries.

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