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MythBuster Series - Episode 2

Bulletproof Ballerina REAL TALK

Continuing our MythBuster Series to break down what is REAL versus what is popular and trending...

Myth: Doing ballet class with ankle/wrist weights is a good way to get stronger in your dancing.

Truth: Doing ballet class with ankle/wrist weights is a good way to increase your risk of injury.

Ballet technique already puts your body in unnatural, compromised positions. Adding extra weight to those positions puts extra strain on the tendons and ligaments trying to preserve the integrity of your joints (a.k.a. holding your joints together so they don't get f*cked up.) Combine that with the repetitive motion strain those joints already experience from so much repetition in class and rehearsals and your risk of injury increases with those ankle/wrist weights.

Sure, you might get some added strength benefits from wearing ankle/wrist weights during ballet class. But that minimal muscle strength comes with a huge cost of stress on the joints. The cost-to-benefit ratio just doesn't make sense if you are someone looking to have a long career in ballet.

If you want to get stronger...focus on improving your strength through cross-training. And not just any "cross-training." You need specific, strategic cross-training involving simple moves designed to enhance strength (something we talk about in the #bulletproofballerina REAL TALK - MythBuster Series - Episode 1).

Then, use ballet class to focus on technique and artistry. Leave those ankle/wrist weights behind.

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If you want to get a sense of what your cross-training should feel like, message me for a private session!