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How to Achieve your Peak Performance State:

3) Finding Your Power (a.k.a. Self-Worth)

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Other than her physical and mental tools, the third component to the Bad Girl Ballerina is the feeling of power that she walks around with. It’s a feeling that comes from a deep, true place of having found her SELF. This isn’t just some mantra she repeats over and over again to convince herself of a truth. This isn’t a mind trick. This is a confidence that comes from within, a sense of knowing who she is and what she is worth. It’s a pure, primal, core level of knowing what she wants out of life and what gifts she has to share with the world. This is unique to only her, and only she can find it for herself. And, this is an essential element to her art.

Most people don’t know who they are. They allow their identity to be shaped by what others think of them. There are so many voices in their heads telling them who they should be and what they are worth that they can’t hear their own voice anymore. Their self-esteem and worth are determined by the people around them. How can you get any sense of fulfillment out of life if you aren’t the one controlling it? When you give your power away to all these other people, there is nothing left for you but a hollowed-out shell of a being acting as a puppet in someone else’s playing field.

The dirty little secret is that we all are born with this self, this core, that is already perfectly whole and worthy. And, we all just want to be seen for who we are, to be seen as special and unique, and to be free to be our true selves. Ironically, you hide that self away to protect it from being hurt, criticized, or judged because you believe you are “not good enough” as is. Everyone has a song within them dying to be released, but you spend a lifetime repressing it because you are too worried about being accepted by society. The Bad Girl Ballerina rejects this idea and searches for love from her self first. She gives herself the power to be free in her art instead of seeking validation and acceptance from others.

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This is the very thing that allows you to truly release your passion in your art. It’s what allows you to take risks and make yourself vulnerable. It is what allows you to really connect with the audience and make an impact with your dance. This is what the ballet world is so hungry for – real emotional connection and the opportunity to inspire transcendence from the norm – not tricks, freakish extensions, or perfect technique. And the only way you will be able to fulfill this need is by loving yourself first. Finding this appreciation and power in your self is what allows you to give your gift freely and passionately through your art, making your mark on the world…which ultimately leads to your personal fulfillment and happiness.

This sense of fulfillment then fuels your passion even more, which leads to more fulfillment, and so on. It becomes a cycle of positive self-development and growth. Rather than using your faults and a sense of lack as motivation to change, you use these feelings of power to push you towards building your best self. Not only is this process less painful, but it is much more rewarding and effective, to say the least. And, it’s the key to a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment in your art.

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