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Getting Through A Slump

Using Goals the Right Way

When the goal itself becomes more important than the process of working towards're doing it wrong.

Ever get to the end of a long, disciplined, grueling, hard-fought battle of working towards something only to think:  

"Now what???"

You experience the euphoric bliss of accomplishment for a brief moment...but then almost immediately need more.

You feel empty without the work. You crave something else to drive towards. You thought you wanted the end goal & that everything would be good once you got there...but turns out...what you actually need is the challenge.

It's not the thing/accomplishment/reward that is important. The value lies in the steps you take to get there. It's the process that lights you up.

It's knowing every day you are making your life a little better.


It's having hope that there is more...and you can affect whether you achieve it or not.


It's a power-grab for yourself (when certain people already in power do this - not good. But when you do it - HELL YES!💪).


It's a reminder that you are in control of your life.

And especially at times like this when so much is out of your control, it helps to find things (however small they may be) to work towards.

But be careful - as dancers and the over-achievers we tend to be, it's all too easy for the goal to become more important than the process. In this case, instead of something that lights you up, the goal becomes a cage you limit yourself with. You impose self-restrictions on your life. You torture your body. You disregard what is healthy and attempt to force things with your stubborn will. You sacrifice your enjoyment and pleasure for the delayed gratification that you promise yourself will come when you achieve your goal. And we all know this doesn't happen. The gratification never comes because you always need more to feel "good enough." Then your goals just become an endless source of torture.

Not exactly the inspiration we are looking for. Let's re-frame things, shall we?

Happiness & fulfillment are in the baby steps you take day by day. Don't wait for the epic accomplishments & grandiose experiences that are few and far between to feel good about yourself. Life is meant to be enjoyed in the simple everyday tasks. But there has to be hope...and you have to know what you are working towards. Otherwise, you'll be lost. Use your goals to give yourself purpose...not as a strict cage to lock yourself in.

Remind yourself you're worth fighting for. Remind yourself you deserve better. Remind yourself there's more to life than this slump you are in. Then start your process of working towards something. All it takes is one step...and then another...and another...

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