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"How to Love Food & Still Get the Body You Want"

This Thanksgiving, I'm so grateful to have you on my team. Whether you just started following my Bad Girl Ballerina posts and Bulletproof training or have been on this journey with me for a while, I love that you can hear me. I hope my words wake something up inside you; something that makes you crave more out of life; something that makes you reach for more from your body. Not out of self-hate and that feeling of not being good enough - but precisely because you realize you are worth it and deserve more. Somewhere deep inside, you are ready to be shook awake & ripped from your comfort zone to embrace the challenge of pushing for your next level. And, somewhere deep inside, you know the rewards from being on this journey will far outweigh the discomfort and struggle of trying something new; of thinking outside the box; of breaking the "rules."

Now I want to give you one more resource to inspire your journey further. This short, free PDF - How to Love Food & Still Get the Body You Want - describes the basic philosophy behind the way I approach eating. It's the philosophy that saved me from torturing myself with food and fearing it as an enemy that makes me fat. It's the "recipe" I still follow on a daily basis to use food as a tool to fuel my fat loss, performance power, and pleasure. The difference comes from two key things that took me decades to figure out:

  1. The knowledge of which foods to eat to get the desired effects in my body
  2. A few little mindset shifts

There’s no magic formula. No perfect diet. No one-size-fits-all plan. No definitive right or wrong way to eat. The only diet that really works is a method that allows you to have control over food and your body…without that method controlling you. This is the method that allows me to shape aesthetics, power athletics, and inspire artistry...without sacrificing my health and happiness in the process!

Hopefully you can use this philosophy to start to understand your body and heal your relationship with food. Use this to inspire you to embark on a journey of your own to enhance your physical body, gain energy to do your art, and find freedom from your food guilt preventing you from indulging in life.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy it to the MAX!


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Photo credit: Steve Vaccariello