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***Cyber Monday Sale***

***Bad Girl Bonuses***

Since some of you may have missed taking advantage of my Black Friday sale due to the sheer overwhelm of all your shopping choices that day, I'm running the exact same discounts for Cyber Monday! This 24-hour sale on Monday, November 26, will get you up to 50% off on my three favorite online programs! The best part is that you get lifetime access with this onetime purchase. So, even if you aren't ready to embark full-on into these programs right away (Hello, Nutcracker season!), you can save them for later when your schedule is a little slower (and a little less Nutcracker-y;). If you've been interested in trying out the Bulletproof Ballerina experience, this is a perfect opportunity to get started!


An online course that leads you through 18 progressive workouts targeting the central powerhouse of your body and your dancing!

Use Promo Code: "blackfriday" (all lowercase) for 50% OFF


Let my step-by-step guide take all the mystery and intimidation out of the process of preparing for your next shoot. Feel confident, polished, & camera-ready...primed to get some fierce photos!

Use Promo Code: "oneshot" (all lowercase) for 50% OFF


Reclaim the notion that food is fuel to sculpt your AESTHETICS, power your ATHLETICISM, and inspire your ARTISTRY. This is your guide to fat loss, performance power, & pleasure!

Use Promo Code: "peakbody" (all lowercase) for 10% OFF

I want to make sure you have all the tools you need to get to your next level. You deserve to find the appreciation in your body and life. Take power into your own hands and make your transformation a reality. Optimize your body and art on your path towards peak performance!

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Questions about which program to start with? Contact me, and I'll help you decide what to prioritize;)

Photo credit: Steve Vaccariello