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Shrimp & Broccolini

Check out this latest kitchen experiment (#notachef) which turned into a pretty tasty FAT LOSS GAME PLAN recipe.

I don't recommend following my exact "recipe," especially in terms of the spices...those need some tweaking. But I do hope this encourages you to play in the kitchen! This dish requires very few but high-quality ingredients, and there is a lot of room to experiment with the flavors and adjust the taste to your liking. So just have fun with it!

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If you're looking for a healthy meal prep option to help you stay on course with your Clean Eating Phase & fat loss goals...try this Shrimp & Broccolini recipe out. Even though this recipe has a splash of wine in it, it isn't enough to knock you out of your Clean Eating Phase.

The nutrient-dense protein and healthy fats in this clean dish will leave you satiated without feeling heavy, making it a perfect pre-dance meal. It will fuel you for hours during rehearsal or class without weighing you down or giving you a Buddha-belly from too much volume. (*Tried and tested by yours truly - I had to run to rehearsal right after scarfing this down! It kept me nourished and light on my feet without being distracted by hunger.)

When cooking with fewer components like this, you do want to splurge on high-quality ingredients. Opting for organic grass-fed butter and wild-caught fresh shrimp is a good idea if possible. Not only does this ensure proper nourishment to keep you at the top of your game (#fuelthefierceness), but it reinforces the sense that you are taking care of yourself and treating your body to good things...a very important concept when you are in hardcore-goals-mode. If time is a premium for you (or if you get grossed out by cleaning the gunk out of shrimp), spending a couple extra bucks on shrimp that is shelled and deveined is definitely worth it! I won't judge you - I totally did this myself to save time;)

I hope this video shows you how fun & easy it can be to cook healthy sh*t that helps you stay on course with your fat loss goals without feeling deprived or bored with your options. Plus, you get to practice your domestic goddess skills & feel fancy cooking a sophisticated shrimp dish;)

If you make this for yourself, make sure to tag @bulletproof_ballerina on Instagram and use the hashtag #fatlossgameplan! Then, let me know how it turns out;)

***Side note: The video doesn't show that this can be packed up in 4 meal prep containers for the week ahead...or served immediately. That's mainly because I was hungry and wanted to eat my lunch immediately. Then my man came home and ate pretty much the entire rest of the dish, so there wasn't much left for weekly meal prep;p 

But all those situational things aside, you should get about 4-5 meals out of this. I recommend serving with half an avocado for extra nourishment and satiety. Enjoy!

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