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Join Us Starting September 13!

Your 14-Day Guide to Feeling Healthy, Vibrant, & Confident to Kick Off the Fall Season!

We still have plenty of time to enjoy this fabulous summer, and believe me, I'm not rushing anything along! may also be starting to feel the faint whispers of the fall season approaching.

We are talking back-to-school workloads, busier schedules, company contracts resuming, and the pressure to be full-on and on top of your game now that vacation mode is almost over.

If you've been indulging in your summer (like I hope you have!), you could probably use a good dose of confidence in your body as you gear up for these new demands. Plus, with Nutcracker season looming just around the corner, now is the time to start working towards peak performance shape to prevent injuries & ensure your body is conditioned for the workload ahead.

With all that in mind, I decided to run another FALL DETOX program September 13-26 to provide daily steps & guidance to build our confidence back up. Not only will this help you rein in your eating after all the summer treats you've been enjoying, but it will focus on optimizing your health & energy with nourishment from the right kinds of REAL food. Plus, we had great success and such an awesome group vibe during the SUMMER DETOX in June, and I can't wait to do it again!

This 14-day DETOX program isn't just for dancers. It's for anyone craving to feel confident in your body & life! Things get hectic this time of year now that everyone is back from vacations and ready to move things forward. You want to be able to put your best foot forward, too, so you don't get lost in the shuffle or overwhelmed by the pressure to perform in whatever it is you do.

In fact, I got some of the best feedback from non-dancers who participated in the last SUMMER DETOX round:

"Tanya's holistic approach to eating has had a profound impact on my entire perception of and relationship to food. Her Summer Detox program wasn't just another diet plan; instead, it acted as a guiding framework to a comprehensive healthy eating philosophy designed by you for your body, with the guidance of an expert. The aspect that truly sets Tanya apart from other programs is that she’s not prescriptive about what one should eat. She understands that each body is unique, with distinct requirements - whether it be fueling up for a marathon or watching carb intake for a healthier future. This approach resonated with me deeply, as it gave me the freedom to take charge of my well-being while still enjoying the journey. But what truly made the experience extraordinary was the power of community. Interacting with like-minded individuals in a shared group thread for 14 days fostered motivation and encouragement, making the entire process rewarding and enjoyable."


"It is nothing short of astonishing to admit that, after just four months of following the Fat Loss Game Plan, I find myself in the best shape I've been since I was 19 years old. Not only is my weight baseline 10lbs lower than before, the composition is different too. I have more muscles, I’m a lot stronger, and I’m not out breath every time I climb up 2 flights of stairs."


"Tanya's unique perspectives on food have revolutionized my self-trust and accountability. Through her guidance, I've come to realize the importance of being responsible for my choices, both in nutrition and overall well-being.

The program's instructional videos, a treasure trove of knowledge, are not only informative but also engaging and fun to watch. They offer a wide array of exercises, stretches, cooking recipes, and motivational talks that keep participants engrossed and constantly striving for progress. Armed with these tools, I have found myself making more conscious decisions about food and its impact on my body, ultimately leading to a healthier and happier me."


"I wholeheartedly recommend Tanya's Nutrition + Fitness to anyone seeking a transformative journey towards better health and well-being. Her empathetic and empowering approach will undoubtedly change the way you view food and nutrition, leading to sustainable, long-term results. Thank you, Tanya, for redefining my relationship with food and guiding me on this incredible path of self-discovery." ~ J.A.

For more details on what this 14-day journey entails, click below. Even though this is a short two weeks of daily guidance and actions, you'll get a lifetime of knowledge out of this program.

Let's enjoy these last few weeks of summer fun knowing we have a plan to build our confidence & performance potential starting Sept. 13. Join me and the rest of this fun group as we embark on this 14-day FALL DETOX program together to feel healthy, vibrant, & primed to kick off the fall season!

Let's make this your best season yet!

Click below for more info & to reserve a spot! Registration ends Sept. 12 at midnight.

Sign up with promo code "detox2023" now through Aug. 30 to get $20 off!

*If you've done a previous DETOX with me, email me to get a super discount code😉 There is always more to learn, and the group atmosphere is so valuable for staying motivated! So don't be shy to join us again!

**If the timing of this FALL DETOX is not right for you, you can still sign up to be a part of this program and get all the information. Then, you can employ the tactics when you are ready. Remember, you'll have lifetime access to the info!


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