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The Bulletproof Ballerina Experience

It might surprise you to hear that Bulletproof Ballerina is not so much about fitness as it is about empowerment. Yes, you get stronger. Yes, you sculpt your physique. Yes, your dance technique improves. Yes, your body is fortified against injuries. Yes, you feel healthier. Yes, your stamina goes through the roof. Yes, your jumps get higher. Yes, your balances become second nature. Yes, your ability to control and propel your body through space skyrockets.

But, the main goal behind this Bulletproof Ballerina system is getting you into your body and learning how to use it to be in this world in the most powerful way possible. This applies to everything from your dancing, to your interactions on the streets, to your social agenda, to your purpose in this life. All of it becomes more powerful because you step into your own skin and learn how to really appreciate who you are, what you are worth, and what you are capable of. In essence, you learn how to drive your car to take yourself where you want to go.

So many of the Bad Girl Ballerinas that I've worked with have told me that they got into the Bulletproof Ballerina system for the physical stuff. But, after experiencing the mindset shifts that happen as part of the training, they realized their transformation was on a much deeper level. A level that would impact them outside the studio. A level that would stay with them long after their training was over. A level that would help them make peace with the one person they've been desperately searching for approval from their whole lives - themselves.

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It's training that empowers you with the courage to be different. It's this courage that will allow you to not care how you measure up to the other dancers in class. It's this courage that will allow you to stop wasting energy worrying if you have the highest extensions, biggest jumps, or the tiniest waist. It's this courage that reminds you that you have a unique gift to share that no one else can bring to this world, and that if you don't let yourself be seen, the world will miss out on what you could have given it.

It's training that empowers you to take charge of your life and your dance career. The Bulletproof Ballerina system imprints the knowledge that you are going to be "okay" no matter what circumstances happen outside of your control. You learn to trust in your self to have the strength to survive. Instead of being crushed by outside forces that threaten to bring you down or sway your direction, you realize they don't determine your worth and have no power over you. The power lies in your next steps and what you decide to do with them.

Sure, there are other cross-training methods, other dancers lifting weights, other trainers working with dancers in the gym. But, are those methods capable of getting to your core? (And by "core," I'm not referring to your abs this time; I'm referring to the "core" of your being.) Or, are they feeding your demons...leading you further down this blind path where you feel helpless and not in control of your own life because of too many fears, addictions, and loathsome voices in your head? Do they address the deeper issues you may be struggling with - those issues that you may not even be able to name yet because they are buried so deep and carry so much pain, but somewhere inside you know they are holding you back from your true potential? Do they carry the power to transform not only your body but your life, as well?

If your training isn't helping you grow more than just your muscles, start searching for more. The funny thing about life is that you don't even know what you don't know...until you know it. So, you have to fight to keep growing, reaching, learning. As the great jazz legend, Luigi, used to say, "Never stop moving." You are the only one who can take you to your next level. But, you must find something that empowers you to take control of your life, find the power in your body, and live with no regrets. The power has always been in your hands...the question is, are you ready for it?

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