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Easiest Peak Performance Snack Ever


Looking for a snack that is healthy, high-energy, easy to make, super portable, and tasty all at the same time? (AKA are you tired of those oh-so-convenient protein bars stuffed full of ingredients you can’t pronounce?)

This recipe has you covered. “The Mix” provides easily accessible energy & recovery nutrients for when you're rehearsing & performing a ton and need a little boost to push through until your next meal. Plus, it's easy to take on the road when you’re touring & into theaters/studios for long days when you’re on call. (This was my go-to snack this past December when I was living out of hotel rooms and needing all the recovery I could get from a strenuous Nutcracker season.)

Long-Lasting Energy for PERFORMANCE POWER


High Quality Nutrients for RECOVERY

The healthy fats in this serve as rocket fuel for your dancing. In fact, this snack is so nutrient dense that just a spoonful or two will keep you satiated for hours while carrying very little bulk (meaning you won’t have a lot of food sloshing around in your stomach while you try to get through your Black Swan variation). #tricksofthetrade

Bonus: Not only does this snack give you energy while you’re dancing…it aids in your recovery afterwards, too! The collagen peptides will help your muscles & joints heal after the stress of a long day on your feet performing & rehearsing.

Bonus Bonus: This is a super versatile recipe. You can swap every single ingredient to make a variety of flavor combinations. Experiment with different nut butters, jams, and collagen powders until you find your perfect flavor & texture.

Bonus Bonus Bonus: This recipe comes together in literally 60 seconds (or faster depending on how sloppy you want to be).

I can’t take full credit for this recipe. My dad actually started making “The Mix” when I was a little girl. I’ve just modified and updated it through the years to fit my current needs. And now it’s yours to experiment with!

Fast acting, long-enduring energy packed with nutrients that actually help you recover – this is perfect dancer food!


"The Mix"



Spoon all ingredients into a jar and stir until thoroughly mixed. Give it a taste test, & add more of any ingredient if desired. Slap a lid on that baby, and it's ready to go on the road! Don't forget your spoon!

Makes about 3-6 servings.

*Store in the fridge when possible, but it lasts a long time at room temperature.


Scoopable, nutrient-dense energy whenever you need it. I spoon it right out of the jar whenever I need a hit. But you could also spread it on bread/toast, rice cakes, crackers, apple slices, banana, or carb of choice.

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Have fun creating different variations by swapping out the nut butter, jam, and collagen peptides flavors! Let me know what your favorite combination ends up being! Be sure to tag @bulletproof_ballerina and use the hashtag #FATLOSSGAMEPLAN on Instagram when you make this recipe! ENJOY the deliciousness of this peak performance snack and the fuel it provides your dancing!

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