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Core Strength

Your Key to Leveling Up

It's time to address a common thread I've noticed when working with dancers on cross-training programs. That common thread is that most of them are lacking one extremely vital component to their ballet game – core strength. Many dancers come to me with back pain, hip pain, knee pain, or some other ailment that can almost always be traced to weakness in their core and the discrepancies in movement patterns that follow. Likewise, if you struggle with balance, turns, jumps, adagio, extensions, speed, or partnering, things can most likely be improved upon with a little extra core strength.

We're not talking about the need to develop 6-pack abs here. We're talking about developing a foundational strength that is the very basis of every movement you make as a dancer (and as a human being, for that matter). Without a solid core to anchor to, your limbs end up being flaggy, detached entities thrown about in a haphazard, disorganized manner. You lack the control and intention that comes from having a ground-breaking strength in your center, a strength that radiates out through every limb.

Your core is where all of your dance technique initiates; it’s the central powerhouse of your body. It is what allows you to simultaneously lift and lengthen up through the crown of your head, creating the weightless, ethereal aspect to your well as ground your energy through your supporting leg, giving you the control, power, coordination, and stabilization that permits you to move. Without a solid core, all the skills in the world would be useless. Those skills need a home base to originate from and anchor to.

Instead of just throwing your limbs out there and hoping they land in the right spot, your core is what gives you complete control of your most intricate details. By connecting to this core stability, your limbs are freed to move with precise intention and accuracy, giving your dancing an expressive energy you may not have been able to access before. Rather than this strength giving you a brutish look, it enables you to dance with a delicate grace that can only come from being in complete control of your body and every move you make.

So, how do you improve your core strength, preferably without slaving through thousands of ineffective crunches or hours of ab work (you know, the stuff that gives you bruises on your vertebrae and creates a sense of dread and anxiety to “get it over with” when you wake up every morning?)?

Gurl, do I have a game-changer for you! Launching this Friday, Aug. 18, you will have an opportunity to jump-start your core strength with my Bulletproof Ballerina Key to Your Core program. Think of it as a 6-week intensive to get you ready for your upcoming Fall season, whether you are gearing up to head back to school or start rehearsals with your company. It’s a perfect transition to get back in shape after your summer of play😉

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This 6-week online program takes you through 3 levels, starting with simpler exercises to allow you to focus on your mind-body connection and progressing through an advanced stage that challenges you with more complex movements that incorporate full-body coordination. This is the stuff that can be carried directly over to your ballet technique. The best part of all, it only takes 10-15 minutes to complete each workout! Don’t be fooled by the short duration, though. It is both physically intense and requires intense mental focus. But, have no’ll be guided through 3 short workouts for 6 weeks that are effective enough to give you access to a deeper core stability without burning you out for your season ahead. This program will only be available for purchase for a limited time, so grab it when it launches!

What You Get:

  • Videos that describe and demonstrate each exercise
  • Detailed descriptions on form and key points to watch out for
  • Personal Log Sheets for you to record your progress
  • Lifetime access to the program (including instructions on how to repeat the cycle and continue to get benefits without burning out)
  • Email support should you run into any personal issues


  • A lifetime of ab work with a few minor adjustments (this program still challenges me even after 11 years of hardcore strength training!)
  • No equipment required
  • 10-15 minute workouts!
  • Frequency can be adjusted based on your specific body and situation
  • Can be done anywhere
  • Works great as an express vacation workout
  • Facilitates full-body coordination and a mind-body connection
  • Controlled progression over a 6-week period to keep you improving and getting results
  • Supports respecting your body vs. brutalizing it with exercise

More info coming soon! As part of my Bad Girl Ballerina team, you will get first access when it is released. So, stay tuned and get ready to #traindifferent!!!

Photo Credit: Steve Vaccariello