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Coming January 29!



If you've been watching my Instagram stories, you probably already know that I took a little trip last weekend to Montauk, NY. The point of the trip was not only for self-care and breaking free of my usual routine in order to get a clearer vision on my life and purpose (the necessity of which we'll talk about in a future blog post;) but also for stealing time to finish up a project I've been working on for a long time - BECOMING BULLETPROOF - LEVEL 1.

I love working with dancers one-on-one. Not only does it allow me to tailor the workouts to your unique body, but it gives me a chance to imprint the mental tools you need in the moment to get to your next level. But not everyone has the ability to work with me one-on-one. So I wanted to create a system that allows me to coach you towards your peak performance even if you physically can't come see me at my gym here in NYC. This BECOMING BULLETPROOF - LEVEL 1 online cross-training program allows me to do that.

Not only will you be led through 16 progressive workouts teaching the secret Bulletproof Ballerina technique and building a baseline strength to compliment your dancing, but perhaps even more importantly, you'll gain access to the mindsets that you really need to succeed.

These are game-changing concepts that gave me real control and power in my body. I craved that control and power ever since I was a little girl, but that led me down a path of self-destruction - using exercise and food (or lack thereof) as methods of abuse and punishment, giving me the illusion of control over my body. It wasn't until years later that I learned these key concepts that now allow me to nurture my body into peak state for both my dancing and enjoyment of life.

Through this program, you'll start learning these mindsets for yourself:

  • Quality of movement over quantity 
  • How to use exercise to enhance your body instead of break it down
  • Nurturing your body into peak performance instead of starving it
  • The importance of intention with your workouts
  • And more...

Whether you are a novice or a gym-junkie, this LEVEL 1 course will walk you through all you need to know to begin this journey towards BECOMING BULLETPROOF. It will transform not only the way you work out but the way you see yourself and feel in your body.

This is a different way of exercising:

  • It's not a bootcamp where you are encouraged to brutalize your body.
  • It's not a spin class where you feel pressured to compete with everyone else in the room. 
  • It's not a training session meant to exhaust you for exhaustion's sake.

This is exercise that gets you in your body. This is a strategic, intentional, focused workout designed to teach you to apply tension in the right places while stabilizing others, making your cross-training efficient, powerful, & purposeful. The work you do in this program will help you understand your body while enhancing it. And as a dancer who needs complete control and enough power to make your technique look effortless, this is what your cross-training should look like.

This online program will help establish the mind-body connection necessary to appreciate and optimize your body. This is what gives you the true BULLETPROOF experience - feeling invincible in body and spirit. And this is what leads to your peak performance.

​​​​Your ultimate success hinges on mastering your unique body - respecting where your limits are, and then learning to push past those limits without destroying your body in the process.

This program starts you on that journey.​​​​​​​

BECOMING BULLETPROOF - LEVEL 1 officially launches Monday, Feb 3, but as a Bad Girl Ballerina, you get priority access starting Wednesday, Jan. 29. And bonus, you also get a special discount of 30% off! That means you get lifetime access to the online portal for $89. Be on the lookout Wednesday morning for your discount code and link to grab this program (the discount will only be available through February 2 at midnight)!

And, bonus bonus...if you've ever bought one of my previous ON DEMAND workouts (Key To Your Core, Technique Enhancer, Career Extender, Bulletproof Basics, Custom Fit), you get a special discount of 40% off! I want to ensure you continue progressing on your path. Simply email me telling me which program you've already mastered, and I'll send you your personal discount code for 40% off.

Looking forward to starting this journey with you!

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Photo credit: Steve Vaccariello