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Bad Girl Ballerinas 

Get Dirty

Walking through Central Park on this beautiful spring day, I came across a path that looked a little less than groomed, shall we say. I hesitated for a moment, wondering if I wanted to get my new kicks dirty (I'm embarrassed to admit this materialistic thought...but here I am, being open and vulnerable with you;) but then plunged in. And of course, I came across some beautiful places I'd never seen before. If I hadn't chosen to follow that unknown path and get a little dirty, I would have missed out on some heightened experiences.

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Now, this is Central Park we are talking about here, a few hundred acres of "wilderness" in the middle of a concrete jungle. This is not extreme hiking we are dealing with. So, I'm not congratulating myself for being brave. But, this did get me thinking about a parallel to my own life. I have a tendency to keep myself so safe and always on a familiar path. I'm afraid that if I venture into the unknown, I won't know what to expect and might make (*gasp*) a mistake. Things could get messy, and I could get my hands dirty. So, I tend to play a very cautious, calculated, clean game.

Being afraid to play in the dirt is really a fear of not having control of the world around you. So, you tighten up your world, narrow your path, restrict your range to keep yourself safe. But, do you know what? You don't have to have control of the world around you (and in fact, that's impossible, so you might as well let that notion go). But if you don't have control of the world, how do you keep yourself out of a messy situation? Answer: If you feel grounded in your body and confident in your SELF, that is all the assurance you need to prevail. You trust that you have a strength inside you that will get you through anything that comes your way.

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Some of the best stuff in life comes from reaching outside your comfort zone. Exploring a little further than you've gone before, reaching a little beyond, pushing a little extra . If you always stick to what you know and what's miss out on a whole other world out there.

There are infinite possibilities to experience in this lifetime. And guess what? It's okay to get a little dirty. One of my mentors once said, "You can't f*ck up this life," meaning you can't ever choose the wrong path. No matter what path you walk down, it's just an opportunity to shape who you are. Sure, one path might lead to more pain than another, but you're going to learn and grow from that pain. But you have to be willing to let yourself get a little dirty in the process...otherwise you miss out on the beauty and peak experiences life has to offer.

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So what do you have to fear? We only get one shot at this thing called life as far as we know. Give yourself the chance to cry hard, laugh harder, and get dirty;)

Can you relate to any of this? Ever find yourself staying away from new things because you are afraid of not knowing what to expect? Ever feel like your life is too even keel and monotone? It might be time to shake things up a bit​. Don't be afraid of negative emotions...they just allow you to appreciate and experience the positive ones to a heightened degree. Leave your comments below...I'd love to hear your thoughts;) Happy exploring to you!