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  • Is Ballet Breaking you Down?

    Tired of beating yourself up physically and mentally?

    Tired of never measuring up to the "perfect" ballet body?

    Tired of being fragile or injured?

    Tired of feeling stuck no matter how hard you work?

    Tired of your self-limiting beliefs?

    Tired of trying to please everyone else but yourself?

    Tired of never being able to let go and enjoy life and your art?

    Tired of never feeling like you're good enough?

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    Enter, the Bad Girl Ballerina.

  • Who is this Bad Girl Ballerina?

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    What does she look like?

    Her body is toned and sculpted with a healthy glow. Her strong yet supple lines cut through the air with effortless control and coordination. There is a grounded stability in her dancing, yet she seems to float across the stage with wild abandon. She never seems to tire from her efforts. Her aura radiates fulfillment, serenity, and vitality.

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    How does she feel?

    She feels invincible...bulletproof to injuries. She has strength to get the job done and flexibility to let herself flow. No longer exhausted after rehearsals, there is an energetic aspect to her that allows her to explore life outside of ballet. She feels confident in herself and her abilities without needing the approval of others. The freedom she feels from breaking through her restrictions and self-limitations is empowering.

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    What does she believe in?

    She believes in putting everything she has into her art without worrying about the consequences. Expressing herself to her fullest, her dance becomes her mark on the world. She strives for longevity in her career...preserving her body and avoiding burnout. She opens herself to exploration, knowing it will enrich her art and her life. Most of all, she believes in herself; that she is bringing value to the world by putting her best self into her passion.