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    Continuing our MythBuster Series to break down what is REAL versus what is popular and trending... Myth: Doing ballet class with ankle/wrist weights is a good way to get stronger in your dancing. Truth: Doing ballet class with ankle/wrist weights is a good way to increase your risk of injury....
    Part of my role as a rebel & misfit in the dance world is not going along with the popular trends but giving it to you straight. No sugarcoating. And that includes breaking down diet & exercise myths. We are told so many lies based on marketing schemes from so-called "experts" that it’s easy to...
    September 14, 2022
    One of the things I talk about in my FAT LOSS GAME PLAN nutrition philosophy is that there are different ways of eating to optimize each of these 3 goals: Fat Loss - Food that aids your AESTHETICSPerformance Power - Food that fuels your ATHLETICISMPleasure - Food that influences your ARTISTRY ...
    When it comes to improving your body, ballet, or career, the hardest time to put the work in and stay motivated is when you're not getting anything in return. Ironically, these dry spells are the most important part of your progress. Instead of giving up...this is when you plant your seeds....
    June 11, 2022
    There's no doubt cross-training has become super popular in the dance world these days. When I first started my Bulletproof Ballerina business, it was rare and shocking. Now, everyone it seems has jumped on board. And that's great. But here's the problem - with that popularity comes a watering...
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  • The 2 Keys to Unleash Your Inner

    Bad Girl Ballerina


    The Physical:

    The first step to becoming a Bad Girl Ballerina is training like one. If you're not born as a thoroughbred, you can't train like a thoroughbred. You have to train differently. The BULLETPROOF BALLERINA method of cross-training is designed exactly for that purpose. Through workouts that enhance your strength, mobility, coordination, stamina, & awareness, you become a better dancer not by focusing on your ballet technique but by unlocking your body's full potential. Instead of forcing your body into the ballet mold (which destroys not only your body but also your self-esteem), you learn how to make ballet work on your unique body. This builds a confidence in your body that allows you to perform at your peak physically & take risks with your artistry.


    The Mental:

    Stop trying to be perfect. Stop worrying if you're "good enough." Stop playing by the rules. You'll be amazed at what you unlock once you stop trying to please everyone else. The Bad Girl Ballerina inside you is fearless and has so much more to express & share without all the worry, judgments, and self-consciousness holding her back. Through the BAD GIRL BALLERINA BLOG and community, you'll learn that your worth is not tied to your perfectionism or dependent on how you measure up to the best-of-the-best. And through small actions & awareness, you'll build a confidence in yourself that allows you to be completely vulnerable & expressive in your art. But you have to be willing to break your own bunhead rules in order to live to your fullest potential. It's all about shifting your mindset to a place that inspires freedom and growth rather than restriction and punishment.

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