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We Will Survive

FREE Instagram LIVE Workout Wednesday

There's a silver lining to all this COVID-19 chaos -- a chance to refine your path, clarify your vision, & adjust your course in life. But there's a fear standing in your way that almost leaves you paralyzed. It's a fear of all the "what ifs" and "then whats" -- the hypothetical worries and rumors floating around outside of your control.

But you can stop fearing the things you can't control by taking charge of the things you can.

Easier said than done, right?

While I'm no expert in this situation, throughout the days ahead, I'll be sharing what I'm doing to stay healthy with recipes, workout tidbits, and mindset tools to boost your immune system, keep your body vibrant & your morale high (because as woo-woo as it sounds, your attitude and energy have a lot to do with staying healthyπŸ’›). Full disclosure, I'm scared about what is happening and the future impact it will have on us all. But if I really break things down, I have only two real choices here:Β 

1) Crumble into the fear


2) Take baby steps in a direction to make the situation better

I'm choosing the baby steps.

I know a lot of us dancers are out of work and worried about money as our sources of income have been shut down, postponed, or cancelled. So to start things off, I'm planning to do a FREE mini cross-training workout on Instagram LIVE this Wednesday, March 18, at 11am EST (although check my stories for updates on the time and date since things are changing so rapidly that I may have to adjust the plan as things progress).

This will be something you can do from home with no equipment. If you have free weights lying around (dumbbells or kettlebells), definitely have those at the ready. Or, find heavy objects around your apartment that you can employ as a weight (25-pound box of cat litter, giant water bottle, that massive bag of old pointe shoes you have sitting in the corner wondering what to do with, etc.). If all else fails, you can still get a good workout with just your body no stress. We'll do a few strength exercises to get your muscles activated and warmed up intermixed with some simple stretches & mobility work.

The goal of this cross-training workout will be to help you feel alive and vibrant in your body. As most of us can't dance right now and feel the loss for our passion, it's important we use this time to discover more about ourselves - physically, mentally, emotionally. So, we'll treat this workout as a Zen-like internal focus that allows you to tune into the nuances of your unique body's strength and mobility.

You are not alone. We'll work through this together. And while people around you might be panicking, stay grounded in yourself & recognize the power you still have over your life. There's real potential to come out stronger than ever on the other side of this storm. Spread the word to your friends so we can all do this virtual workout together and stay connected during this time of isolation & fear.

Please reach out to me if anyone wants to talk privately about your worries & how to stay healthy during this break from the norm.

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Photo Credit: Rachel Neville Photography