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Peak Performance State

I know we are all so over this pandemic and ready to get back into rehearsals & performance season full-speed ahead. But your body most likely isn't ready for that after such a long break from its usual workload.

The reality is you're going to need something more potent than your usual technique class to regain the strength, coordination, & confidence in your body in a record amount of time.

You know the old saying, "However much time you take off from ballet, it will take you twice as long to get back to where you were." Adding up the time wasted from this're looking at about 3 years just to get back to where you left off. Ain't nobody got time for that! Not to mention, none of us want to be "where we left off"...we want to be BETTER!

That's why I started these DANCE CONDITIONING CLASSES every we can work together to build back to our peak performance state. These hour classes will help your body feel more resilient, coordinated, & powerful as you start being called into rehearsals again in the weeks ahead.

Join me Wednesdays at 2:30pm at Open Jar Studios in NYC (or via video if you can't be there in-person). Each class is $20, and we go through a full-body, strength-based workout that teaches you how to focus your muscular tension and energy in order to build lasting adaptations in your body -- adaptations that will give you more power, stamina, control, coordination, and injury-resilience. Email me with questions and to reserve a spot!

Let's build back to our peak performance state together!

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