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Want Better Partnering Skills?

Focus on Your Core

Whether you already have experience partnering and are searching for ways to make things more comfortable (for you and for your partner!) or you are nervous about the day that will soon come when you’ll have to tackle these unknown skills, you can benefit tremendously from focusing on building core strength.

Of course, by “core,” we are not referring to 6-pack abs here. We are talking about building strength and a mind-body connection in the central powerhouse of your body, a huge key that will act as a warp zone for your dancing.

Your partners will love you for having a solid core! You will be so much easier to handle if everything is stable and connected to your center. Otherwise, you can feel mushy and squishy in their hands. Even if you are a tiny human being, you can feel like dead weight to your partners if you don't hold yourself properly. You need to give them something stable to manipulate so you don't fall apart in their arms.

Partnering is all about trust:

  • Trusting your body to know what positions it needs to be in and then to have the strength to hold those positions.
  • And, trusting your partner to manipulate your body in and into those position.

Holding a position doesn’t mean locking down in a pose and gripping with gritted teeth, immobile and frozen while you wait for your partner to muscle you around. No, being able to “hold your position” in partnering comes from having the strength to adjust and alter your placement as the movement takes you outside your normal realm of solo work. That’s the beauty of partnering after all; it allows you to defy the limits of what you can do on your own. But, that all requires great strength in your core and an unwavering connection to your center so that as your partner manipulates you through space you are able to feel completely in control, even when you are upside down and 8 feet in the air! Without this essential ingredient, the thrilling high lifts and crazy spins are going to be just plain scary…not to mention a fight for both you and your partner.

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You'll be amazed at how a little extra strength will impact your partnering. It’s not too late to get access to my secret weapon for enhancing core strength (only available until Sept. 20, 2017!). Key to Your Core is a 6-week online intensive that takes you through 3 levels of core-enhancing exercises. It starts simple, allowing you to focus on your mind-body connection and develop a base strength, and progresses through an advanced stage, challenging you with complex movements that incorporate full-body coordination (perfect for partnering skills!).

And, as always, the focus is on quality versus quantity. Although each workout only takes 10-15 minutes to complete, it is both physically and mentally intense! But, have no’ll be guided through the 18 workouts with detailed descriptions and video demonstrations to ensure proper form and quality of movement. By the end of the 6 weeks, you will feel a deeper core stability and connection that will carry directly over to your dancing.

Whether you already have partnering experience or are nervous about starting, focusing on your core strength will give you added confidence to hold your own when you are in someone else’s hands😉

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