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There Is No Magic Pill

The Magic Lies in You

Especially in this age of ever-advancing technology that has skewed our reality to expect instant results, everyone wants the quick fix. Sadly, the fitness industry just adds to this perception. It is full of empty promises and glittery white lies that make you believe you can get the body of your dreams with this training method, or that 4-week program, or by ingesting this protein powder or magical supplement.

Guess what? They don't really care about getting you the body of your dreams, or your next dancing gig for that matter. It's 95% a ploy to exploit you for your money. They prey on your emotional desires in order to make a quick buck off of you...because they know you want the quick fix. They know you want the magic pill. Sure, there are a handful of people out there in the health and fitness field that actually care about you and aren't just in it for the cash. They are the ones who will leave you feeling empowered in your body rather than dependent on them for results.

Here's the truth. There is no magical program, supplement, or method that will provide the quick fix to get the body of your dreams overnight. I'm the first one to admit that there's nothing magical about my Bulletproof Ballerina exercises themselves. What is magical is the way in which you do them. The slow-motion technique coupled with focused mind-body awareness fosters not only an intrinsic understanding for how your unique body works, giving you more control over it in class and rehearsals, but also a respect for your body, your primary tool for your art.

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And, the more you respect and understand your body, the more you will be able to change it. It's the difference between dragging yourself to the gym and mindlessly beating your body down with the same old cross-training everyone claims you should be doing, versus strategically doing the necessary work that will get you results without taking precious energy away from your dancing or abusing your body in the process.

No, it's not a magical program. The magical factor lies in what the program cultivates - healing the relationship you have with your body. This is what will allow you to manipulate and shape your body, in a healthy way - a way that nurtures your self-worth. It's a program that empowers you and builds you up, physically and emotionally, rather than breaks you down.

Fitness is a lifelong pursuit that requires hard work and a love for your body that drives you to want to be better every day. Realize you have to play the long game and that there is no magic pill that will take away the grit and soul searching that is necessary to get to your next level with your body or in your dancing. The magic comes from you finding your power and making peace with your body. The question is, how bad do you want it?