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The Feeling of Being Invincible

Snowboarding for Bunheads?

How many ballerinas do you know that can snowboard? 

Have you ever wanted to try a new hobby but opted not to because you were worried about getting injured for your dance career? Are you curious about all the fun the "normal" people (a.k.a. the non-dancers) have while you're in the studio taking your third class for the day to stay in shape? Do you feel like you just don't have the time or the energy to explore new activities because you are dedicating so much of your life to your dancing?

I'm a huge supporter of hard work and dedication but not to the point where it limits your life. Dancers often get stuck in a cycle of trying to do more and more in an effort make improvements. We pack our days with class after class, thinking someday we will be rewarded for all the time we are putting into our art. As a result, we often end up tired and burned-out with a slew of overuse injuries from never giving our bodies a rest. We wake up the next day with barely noticeable improvements and have to start the whole cycle over again, trying to add even more exercise into our routine this time around.

What if I told you there was a smarter way to work hard and get ahead in your dance career? One in which you actually build your body up rather than break it down. One that cuts down on the time you spend actually working out and training. One that gives you noticeable results. One that gives you more energy to devote to your dancing...and to other fun activities that will add to your life. 

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Before I started training with my Bulletproof Ballerina workouts, I could have never imagined myself snowboarding down the Whistler Blackcomb mountains at one of the largest ski resorts in North America. For one reason, I would have been too scared of dislocating a shoulder or knee in a fall. For another reason, I would have been afraid of the progress I would lose from missing all my dance classes for a week while on vacation. How could I have fun snowboarding when I have a career to build?

But the confidence I built in my body through my years of strength training allowed me to enjoy the fresh mountain air, the exhilaration of speeding down the snow-covered slopes, and the satisfying feeling of challenging my body in a new way. Not that I will be the next X Games competitor anytime soon (I took quite a few epic wipeouts;) but the fact that my body held up in these conditions is very empowering. My Bulletproof Ballerina workouts preserved and strengthened my bones, joints, ligaments and muscles which allowed my body to stand up to this fun challenge. 

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And what's even better? The day after I flew back from my week adventure in Canada, I immediately started rehearsals with a new company contract and resumed working with two other companies without missing a beat. Rather than detracting from my dance career, my snowboarding vacation actually gave me more creativity and passion to put into my art. I've come a long way from the ballet-obsessed Bunhead I used to be, and I'm so grateful to have these experiences to share with show you that there is so much in life to explore and enjoy! Go get 'em for yourself, Bad Girl Ballerina!

Do you snowboard or ski? Ever wanted to try? Leave a comment below!