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Take Ownership of Your Body

Master Its Uniqueness

It feels good to be in complete control of your body; to be a master of every little move you make. All your actions are deliberate and precise. Every movement has a purpose. Your body transitions effortlessly from one position to the next, demonstrating an exquisite sense of flow. Every bone, muscle, tendon, ligament, and nerve bends to your will, working together intuitively to get you where you need to go. You feel weightless...yet grounded and solid. And, this all comes from an empowering strength in your body; a strength that results from you taking ownership of your body.

And, when that strength transfers over to your ballet, you develop a level of trust in yourself that allows your true art to come out. You let yourself take risks, let go, stretch, reach, explore, and experiment. This freedom comes to you because you know that even if the ideal scenario doesn't play out, you still have the skills to save it and make it happen anyway. You can rely on your body to have the strength to pull it off. You no longer have to play safe and try to be perfect in your technique. You start creating your own way, putting your mark on your dancing. By taking ownership of your body, you start to take ownership of your art.

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You also learn what you can't do, and instead of beating yourself up for it, you accept it. By working on your body and taking ownership of it, you develop an intimate relationship with it. You start to appreciate its uniqueness. You learn about its strengths and the qualities that you can enhance. But, you also realize the things that are impossible to change. As a result, you stop trying to force yourself into a mold and start stepping out into your own light. You make peace with your body and actually learn to love and cherish it. Through this process, you gain a priceless level of trust and confidence in the body you were given.

What's even better about getting into your body and building its unique strength is that this allows you to take ownership of your life itself. You develop a sense of power in who you are and what you can handle. This lets you explore the unknown and reach out of your comfort zone. Never been snowboarding before? No'll try it. Surfing? Sure, why not?! Want to go rock climbing? No need to worry about getting hurt...your body is tough. You can trust in its strength and coordination. By mastering your body, you open yourself up to worlds of possibilities. You are no longer limited to, "Oh, I don't do that;" or "I can't do that;" or "That's not me." The walls that you've kept yourself boxed in for most of your life start to fall away, and you realize you can do literally anything. You are free to create your own story.

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If you haven't already, I encourage you to take ownership of your body. Become a master of its uniqueness. Start to develop it, enhance it, build it. You are the only one with the power to do this, and because of that, it can be quite an empowering journey to find the strength in your body. The confidence that results from this journey is what allows you to open to your art and immerse yourself fully in your passions and your life. Taking ownership of your body is key to stepping fully into your power both as a dancer and as a human being. Go on, start creating your own story in this world.

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Need help getting started? Bulletproof Ballerina training can get you there. It has been my secret weapon for taking ownership of my body, finding my power, and learning to love my self for who I am.