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Well, here we are in the middle of July, and yet I feel as though summer hasn't even started yet. Where are the summer intensives? Where are the vacations? Where are the summer festivals? Does anyone else feel uncomfortable with all this? It's like we are living in a strange no man's land where nothing is familiar and no one knows what to expect next.

If you live in an area that has opened up more opportunities for living, I hope you are taking advantage of them. Maybe you're able to get inside a studio to take class?! Or maybe you have access to other opportunities that give you a sense of freedom and appreciation for determining your own course.

In NYC, things are still pretty grim. It's a sad time not only for the arts but for the city itself. For all I complain about missing nature and the grit and grind of city life...NYC represents something powerful for the human spirit -- being able to create something out of nothing, paving your own path with hard work and dedication, and having the freedom to take risks and make choices for yourself. A lot of that opportunity has been ripped away from us.

Honestly, I'm struggling to hold things together and stay positive at this point. But whenever I feel lost and hopeless...I search for something that renews my sense of control over my life. Sometimes it's as simple as getting a workout in or formatting a plan for physical progress.

That's exactly why I created BECOMING BULLETPROOF - LEVEL 1. Following a progressive program that leads to real, tangible results has been such a life-saving tool for me. It gives me a healthy sense of control over my life and builds self-confidence by reminding me of my personal power. Plus, having clear steps to follow alleviates anxiety and that feeling of being lost and without a sense purpose.

So, if you are craving the sense of control and stability in all this chaos, take some power back for yourself. Use this bizarre, unprecedented time to get started on this course. It walks you through not only an 8-week workout program (think of it as your Cross-Training Summer Intensive!) that will help build your strength and prepare you for when the dance world opens up again...but also gives you valuable mental tools to build confidence in your body. You'll learn how to get the most out of your workouts and nurture your body into peak performance through essential components like recovery, nutrition, and focus.

Renew the sense of agency you have over your life by giving yourself this solid path to walk down. With so much being out of our control these days, you have to bring the focus back to what you can control. Remind yourself of the power you have over your body and your health. Get started today.



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