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Save the Date!

Bulletproof Ballerina Blast is coming to NYC

Bulletproof Ballerina Blast is coming April 1!

If you live in the NYC area, this is your chance to try the Bulletproof system for yourself! On Saturday, April 1, at 2pm, you'll be able to sample a similar workout to my one-on-one sessions in a group setting with my Bulletproof Ballerina Blast! The 45-minute class is designed to be short and sweet so that it easily fits into your already over-packed schedule and puts a minimal amount of wear and tear on your body, while at the same time providing the benefits of an intense workout. To give you an idea of what to expect, it will consist of roughly 30 minutes of strength training and 15 minutes of stretching and mobility exercises.

The emphasis of this class is not only on building a full-body strength but also on enhancing the mind-body connection. You can think of it as a sort of body meditation, a chance for you to get inside your body, appreciate how things work, and gain an awareness of how to optimize your unique body. While this class is designed to compliment the high degree of physicality required by a dancer, you don't necessarily need to be a dancer to take this class. Everyone can benefit from this system that uses a slow motion, body awareness technique to build strength while protecting and preserving the body.

This is not a loud, blaring, high-impact, cardio/dance class. It is a calm, focused, body-centric class that will require you to listen to your own body in order to respect your limits as well as push your boundaries. The priorities in this Bulletproof Ballerina Blast are proper form and muscular tension. My coaching will serve as a guide throughout the class, but your body will trump my instructions. If you are told to do 3 more reps but you know you won't be able to do them with proper form and quality tension, you would simply listen to your body, stop and rest. It's this respect for your unique body and what it needs that helps build a healthy relationship with your self - allowing you to get to your next level without tearing yourself down in the process.

The Details:

  • When: Saturday, April 1, at 2pm
  • What to bring: water & small hand towel (both are optional but helpful to have with you) 
  • What to wear: clothing you feel comfortable in. If you want to show off your body, do it. If you want to wear baggy sweats, go for it. Wear what will make you feel good in your body.
  • Footwear: gym shoes or socks
  • Location: BeFitNYC - 2726 Broadway, 2nd Floor (at W104th St.)
  • Cost if you pre-register: $20 
    • click the button below
    • mention in the email that you want to sign up for the class
    • take care of payment ahead of time with a Venmo link sent to your email
  • Cost at the door: $25 cash
  • Experience required: NONE! You don't have to be at a certain level or age range to attend this class. And while this is designed with dancers in mind, you don't have to be a dancer to attend.

If you have any questions, email me anytime. I hope to see you there!!!