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Photo Shoot Prep

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Since I've been revisiting my Photo Shoot Prep program to get ready for a shoot on Sunday, I wanted to give you an opportunity to take advantage of this program as well. As I hone in on my diet, sleep, hydration, intentions and goals to get the kind of pics I want, I'm reminded just how important it is to your confidence to have a process to follow and a step-by-step plan of action. Every day you feel your actions adding up...and you feel a little more powerful, a little more excited, a little more ready to put yourself in front of the camera. 

It's a confidence that comes from knowing you did your part to make yourself better. You put the work in. You made the effort. You owned the process. You didn't leave matters to chance hoping you'd randomly wake up feeling "pretty" on the morning of your shoot. You prepared -- and it will show.

In case you aren't familiar with my Photo Shoot Prep program, here are a few of the perks that are involved:

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Once purchased, the digital program is yours to keep forever and ever and ever. So, even if you don't have a shoot lined up in the near me - the way social media is moving these days along with the evolving dance world itself - you are going to need new photos at some point or another. And you're going to need confidence in who you are as a dancer as well as the image you want to represent yourself with. This program will help you find that confidence.

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Photo credit: Rachel Neville