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Photo Shoot Prep &

Fat Loss Tricks

In preparation for a photo shoot coming up this week with the amazing Rachel Neville, I am trying to squeeze out as much fat loss and muscle tone as possible. When I do photo shoots, everything is planned during a 3-week process leading up to the shoot itself - from diet, to workouts, to water intake, and more.

Not only does this ensure I walk into shoot day feeling on top of my game, confident, & prepared...but it gets me hyped up to enjoy the event! Because let's face it...when you sign up to shoot with a talented photographer, investing a good chunk of money for images meant to represent your talent and artistry to future employers, peers, and the dance community at WANT it to be an event! Your photo shoot session shouldn't be something you roll outta bed and shuffle haphazardly into. You deserve more than that. Your photos deserve more than that. Your art and career deserve more than that.

After building up to this photo shoot day with my Photo Shoot Prep plan, these final few days are often the toughest to get through but also the most crucial - if I eat the wrong stuff now, I could risk coming in bloated on the day of the shoot, throwing away all the hard work I've been building towards these past 3 weeks. In this video, I share one of my Fat Loss tricks that I use to get through these final days of peak painlessly as possible;)

Resources for your transformation:

Hope you enjoy! If you make this recipe, let me know how it turns out as well as what food combinations you choose to pair it with;)

Stay strong and sassy, Bad Girl Ballerinas!


Bulletproof Ballerina

Photo credit (title): Rachel Neville