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Peak Performance Goals in 2022

Okay, this is a reprise of the blog I wrote for inspiration at the start of 2021. We were all hoping to be in a different place this year. But since it seems jobs & opportunities in our field are shutting down and contracts are being cancelled AGAIN, you may find this blog still very relevant to your goals going into 2022.

All of this stuff happening outside of your control can be enraging, disheartening, devastating. The only way to combat that is to focus on what you do have control over -- your body. The greatest form of revenge doesn't come from wallowing in your hurt & sadness to demonstrate how wronged you've been. It comes from getting up to fight again no matter how many times they try to hold you down. It comes from smiling through the blood & tears streaming down your face as you plan your next move, knowing you won't give up.

We've all been knocked down pretty badly over the last two years. Let's hope this blog below starts you on a plan to build yourself back up. 

And if you want to join us in the DANCE CONDITIONING CLASS for a sense of community and camaraderie as you work towards your peak performance goals for the year ahead, we've started back up with our weekly class after a short break for Nutcracker season. I can't wait to be back with this group -- the energy is stellar! Join us in-person in NYC on the Upper West Side or via video:  

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