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See What 2024 has in Store!

Hello Friends!

I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful time of year! And, since this is also a busy time of year with all the Nutcrackers and holiday festivities, I won't take much of your time. But, I do want to tell you about a few things coming up in the new year that I'm excited about!


In case you think I eat healthy & never miss a workout…think again. I allow myself to fully indulge & do zero exercise on occasions, especially over the holidays where I want to spend time connecting with family instead of focusing on my body. And when I indulge…I INDULGE. We are talking the richer the better – hot chocolate, eggnog, Christmas cookies – all the good zero guilt.

But that also means that come January 1, I actually CRAVE discipline and a detox from all the sugar & treats.

As we head into the new year, we could all use a good dose of confidence in our bodies! There is no better time to change your lifestyle and make a promise to prioritize your health!

Join me January 3-16, 2024, as we embark on this 14-day HOLIDAY DETOX 2024 program together to get back on track after all your holiday indulgences and start the new year off fresh! We have gotten so many amazing results from previous DETOX groups...I can't wait to see what happens this time around!

Read more about what this 2-week program entails & reserve a spot below! Sign up by Wed. December 20 at midnight to get a $20 discount with this promo code at checkout:

Promo Code: detox2024

This HOLIDAY DETOX is not just for dancers, women, or athletes…this is for anyone craving to feel healthy & confident heading into the new year!

*If you've done a previous DETOX program, send me an email to get a special 50% off discount code! There is always more to learn & being part of this group is a major motivating factor that helps get results!

**If you want to bring a friend along to join in on this process together, email for a special discount code for both of you!

***This program is not designed for vegan or vegetarian diets. That’s not to say that you can’t follow the program if you follow one of these diets, but you will have to do your own research to ensure you get proper nutrients based on your personal preferences.

Coming Soon...

AVID - Artistic Ventures In Dance

I've been hard at work on developing a brand new project-based dance company premiering in 2024! I am co-founder/producer with my colleague, Emily, a gorgeous dancer full of creativity, spark, and warmth! Since we both have so much experience working as the contracted dancer, we had a desire to play a bigger role in shaping the dance world. We know what it is like to be on the other side of things and want to improve the dancer experience to make it easier for dancers to express their full physical & artistic potential. Our hope is that if we invest in our dancers and make them feel safe to take risks in their art, they will in turn invest in AVID...making real art with the capacity to MOVE both audience and dancers alike.

If you want to find out more about AVID, please check out our website and sign up for our email list to be kept up to date on events as they develop. You can also follow us on Instagram @A.V.I.Dance. We have some exciting things planned for 2024 (including our first performance in NYC in June!), and we would LOVE for you to be a part of it all!

***I know you are all here for my Bulletproof Ballerina work, and don't worry, that is not going away! But I don't want to spam you on this email list with information about AVID. So, if you are interested in following AVID and being kept up to date on events, please sign up for the separate email list on our AVID website.

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Other than that, I want to thank you all for being a part of my world this past year and wish you a wonderful, magical holiday season full of love, happiness, & fulfillment! I look forward to working with you in the year ahead! Feel free to reply to this and let me know how you are doing and if there is anything I can do to help make your life better in the new year. Let's gear up for a year of success while enjoying the precious moments with family & friends this holiday season! I am grateful to be on this journey with you! 

Much love,