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Morning Movement Meditation

In case you couldn't join me on Facebook Live this past Sunday where I shared my Morning Movement Meditation from a private beach in Matunuck, RI, I'm giving you access to the video below;)

This is a version of what I do in the morning to get in my body, work out my kinks, and feel alive! Honestly, I can't indulge in this practice on weekdays since I wake up at 4 or 5am to start my day. Getting a few extra minutes of sleep is often more important than squeezing this in. But, on weekends and vacations, this is my go-to practice to stay limber, invigorated, and ready to optimize my day! Plus, this allows me to take a break from my usual workouts, class, and rehearsals without being paranoid that I'm losing progress.

I never do the same movement session twice. This is where the "meditation" factor comes in. I use this time to check in with my body and feel which areas need a little more tender loving care. On days where my hips are tight, I'll spend more time loosening them up. Other days when my core feels unstable, I'll focus on warming that area up with muscle activation techniques. When my ankles are stiff, I'll linger on ankle mobility exercises. It's all about not being tied to a routine and giving my body what it needs in the moment. That mind-body awareness will hopefully be carried with you throughout the rest of your day. That connection is also what will allow you to be more present and to enjoy all the pleasures the day has to offer you. Not a bad bonus;)

So, feel free to follow along or use this as a template to make up your own version of a Morning Movement Meditation. Again, don't think of this as a hardcore workout where you try to push your limits but rather a chance to stretch, wake up your muscles, and establish a mind-body connection. Plus, I just wanted to share with you the beautiful view at this private beach in Matunuck, RI!

(Side Note: The video cuts out a few times due to poor reception on the beach. Sorry! Also, please don't be offended by the few crotch-shots that were captured by unfortunate camera angles. It was not meant to be vulgar, I promise;)

After you try this Morning Movement Meditation out for yourself, let me know if you notice any differences in your day. Maybe you feel more warmed up and ready for ballet class? Perhaps you find yourself not needing so much coffee to get through your day? Maybe all your senses are heightened and you notice more of the nuances in your day? I'd love to hear your experience with this practice!

Plus, I will be doing another Facebook Live session soon to answer any questions you might have about fitness, nutrition, and mindset. Send anything you are curious about to me now by clicking the button below. I'll make sure to add it to the discussion list. More info about the date and time for this Q & A will be coming soon;)

Hope you enjoyed the RI beach view...I'm missing the sun and sand already!