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Manipulate Your Body to

Manage Your Mind

You know those days when you feel out of control in your life? Those times when your self-confidence is nonexistent and your mental demons are running the show? Those low moments when you can't imagine how to even begin crawling out from under that rock you've been crushed under? When you feel so hopeless and lost, so out of sync with your purpose and goals that you don't know who you are or what you are worth? When depression and rock-bottom self-esteem suffocate you and suck every last drop of happiness, excitement, and dreams from your soul?

Whether we are talking about your dance life and pursuing your art, or about your "bigger-picture" life, we've all been in this dark place and suffered from these demons at one point or another. You may think that fixing these mental and emotional issues would involve mental and emotional work. And, while it is certainly helpful to do things like journaling, talking to trusted friends and advisers, and meditation (all of which I totally advocate and practice myself!)...the key to gaining control over these demons might actually lie in the physical realm.

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By gaining control over your physical body, you also gain control over your mental demons. By taking action to improve, heal, manipulate, enhance your physical body, you prove to yourself that YOU are in control of your life. And, you learn that your body and mind are one - not separate entities independent of each other, but one cohesive system that works together to fuel & nourish the other. So, when your mind is in a dark place and you know it is not leading you down a path towards your best self, turn to your body to build your power. Physical changes to your body are real, concrete changes that prove you are making progress and improving. This encourages your mind that there is hope and that YOU are in control of your own destiny.

In the physical realm, you can take steps everyday that lead to a better life. Whether through nutrition choices, workouts, or self-care techniques (massage, spa treatments, rest), you gain a sense of power by knowing you are building a better self. The more this physical power grows, the more control you gain over other aspects of your life. Your confidence builds and you find yourself on a path towards your purpose. You learn to silence your mental demons by gaining strength and power in your body.

In trying to gain control over these mental demons, many of us turn to unhealthy methods of control - eating disorders, drugs, alcohol, & other addictions. We turn to these things as a way to escape the demons and depression of losing our way. They are actions we take in the physical realm to give us a sense of control over our lives. But, it is a false sense of control as these habits end up taking control of us and numbing our conscious drive to be better. Obviously, these habits only make matters worse.

That is why it is so important to find a healthy method of control in the physical realm. Something that builds you up rather than breaks you down. Something that leads you down a constructive path rather than a destructive one. This is what can be found in the Bulletproof Ballerina system - a healthy way of manipulating your body to manage your mind. Through this training, you gain a confidence and appreciation in your physical body which then transfers over to your mental and emotional state.

The next time you feel like your emotions are spiraling out of control and your mental demons are dragging you down, try taking a step in the physical realm to put you back on course, find your power, and fulfill your purpose. The bonus benefit of this particular type of physical action is that it will also greatly enhance your dance technique at the same time as improving your mental state;)

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