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LIVE Dance Conditioning Class

March 15

I don't know about you, but I am desperate for REAL LIVE human connection. And I'm craving being in a studio, working & creating with my fellow dancers. We've suffered so much throughout this past year...particularly in NYC where things are still so tragically shut down. And as much as we tried to take care of ourselves at home, it just doesn't compare to being in a gym or studio -- a space dedicated to that kind of work, movement, & energy. 


Wherever you are on your individual path, I'm guessing we're all struggling to feel comfortable in our bodies as we slowly start to enter the dance scene again. I, for one, am nowhere near my peak performance state. But I'm trying to embrace the challenge as I do the work to get a little closer every day.

So, in light of all that, I want to offer a live, in-person dance conditioning class at a studio in NYC. It will be an hour class with bodyweight strengthening exercises (in my Bulletproof Ballerina style, of course) to promote full-body coordination & awareness, along with some mild stretching and mobility work. The class will be 12:30pm on Monday, March 15 at Open Jar Studios (48th St. & Broadway). Just drop me a quick note through email or DM on Instagram if this interests you, and I'll get back to you with more info. Both guys & gurls are welcome;)

Ironically, this March 15th date will pretty much mark the year anniversary of this pandemic shutdown. What a symbolic time to take our power back and stand up for what we are passionate about.

The goal behind this class is not only to get you back in touch with your body and prime it for dance work that is hopefully in the near future...but also for us to get back in touch with each other. I need to be around people. I want to see my friends. And, I want us to show up for each other in support of the goals & difficulties we are all we stop beating ourselves up in solitude.

Looking forward to seeing you in REAL LIFE hopefully soon!

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Special thanks to Elisabeth for suggesting this idea to get our community vibe back;)

PC: Rachel Neville Photography