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Know Yourself

"Halfway is Bullsh*t"- Part 1

Those of you born in the 80’s and early 90’s probably remember the cult classic rom-com The Cutting Edge. I watched this movie over and over again (driving my brothers crazy, of course) as a little girl. For those of you not familiar with the movie…first of all, watch it on Netflix. It is a quintessential 90's movie and, if nothing else, will give you a good laugh due to its cheesiness. Second of all, there is one scene that continues to impact my life a quarter of a century later. The scene involves a figure skating couple preparing for the Olympics, and in so doing, they are attempting to pull off a risky trick that has never been done before. Their coach gives them the piercing advice to commit fully to the trick, or else it won’t work, and they'll get hurt. Hence, my favorite line “Halfway is bullsh*t.”

This philosophy permeates my life. Not because of my silly fascination with this movie, but because it is something that has given me success over and over again. Through the years, we all try out different strategies for moving through life. Some people do well with moderation. They can be perfectly satisfied with a little bit here and a little bit there. They have patience to stay with something for the long haul, taking baby step and dipping their toes in. These people are usually really good at multi-tasking and juggling several projects at a time. They can take a bite of a cookie and effortlessly put the rest down. This strategy of moderation works well for them because they are able to be consistent enough for a long enough period of time where they can eventually move the needle up and see results.

Not me. I’m an all-or-nothing kind of gal. I thrive with going all in. I commit fiercely to my tasks. And it’s not a deprivation thing, or a narrowed perspective, or a rigidness; but it’s an intense focus that I know I need to achieve my goals. For instance, I am terrible at multi-tasking. I know I need to work on one thing at a time to do a quality job. When I have fat loss goals, I have to be super strict with my game plan. I can’t cheat or waver off the plan even a little bit. Because knowing myself, if I take a bite of that cookie…I’m gonna eat the whole thing. And then, I’m gonna reach for another one. I work much better if I just plow straight forward with strict discipline until I reach my desired outcome. And then, I can have my treat. Otherwise, I wind up feeling like I’m doing just enough dieting to feel deprived but not enough to actually see results. And speaking of cookies, when I decide to have a treat, I don’t just want any cookie – I want the biggest, most decadent, richest cookie ever (anyone familiar with Levain Bakery?). Yup, the line "halfway is bullsh*t" is definitely something I relate to.

This personality trait is also why Bulletproof Ballerina workouts suite me. I’m not someone who likes to workout every day logging hours on the treadmill or taking a variety of classes that are kind-of-effective just to say I got my daily exercise in. I’d much rather save up all my efforts and put them into these body altering, life changing, hardcore workouts twice-a-week. Then, on my days off, I’m perfectly happy with doing NOTHING (exercise-wise that is) and letting my body rest and recover. Me, I’m always more excited by the motto “go big or go home” rather than “all things in moderation.”

On the other hand, I’ve worked with clients where the thought of being super strict with something for a certain amount of time horrifies them to the point where they won’t attempt to make a change in the first place. Some people need a slow, steady, moderate but consistent pace. Some people are able to have that one small piece of dark chocolate per day and be completely satisfied. In fact, that moderation is what motivates them to stay on track and sustain a lifestyle that keeps them moving towards their goals.

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The take-home message is to know yourself. Find what works for you. Part of the fun I have in coaching clients is figuring out what motivates them. We’re all a little different in what drives us and the style of nurturing we need. If you are struggling with a particular goal and the halfway-is-bullsh*t-thing doesn't work for you...try a more moderate approach, and vice versa. Getting familiar with how your unique personality copes with goals can be the key to helping you achieve them. There is no right or wrong way to reach your goals. The important part to recognize is that you are reaching, trying, growing. Figure out the strategy that works for you, and then shamelessly own it.

What strategies work for you? What tricks do you have that work with your personality traits! Leave your comments below:)