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Let me introduce you to a little thing I like to call my "KICK-A$$ CIRCUIT."

It's what I've been doing during this anxiety-ridden, depressing time also known as "quarantine" when I haven't had access to a lot of equipment & have been bombarded by mental demons. I've been pretty open in admitting I've struggled quite a bit emotionally over the past several months....and this is one of the tools I've used to get my power back and get out of my depression despite all the external limitations being inflicted on our lives. It’s also helped physically with muscle definition for photo shoots (along with diet) and fulfilled cross-training needs in preparation for returning to rehearsals & performances.

In other words, it's my solution to blast out of a slump, both physically & mentally. This circuit is a repeatable, hardcore workout that moves your body & exorcises those mental demons. It's saved me time and time again over these last several months when I get stuck in an anxiety spiral worrying about the future & feeling powerless in my own life.

Here's how it helps. This workout has 3 main beneficial factors:

  • Builds strength through simple movements that allow you to work hard

  • Enhances endurance through practically non-stop work

  • Manages those mental demons by giving your mind a difficult task to focus on and accomplish (thereby stopping negative thought spirals you get stuck in)

The only equipment required is a single kettlebell (or dumbbell or anything heavy lying around the house). So, it is great for times when you don't have access to a lot of equipment but still need to blast yourself with a heavy duty workout.

Each circuit consists of 10 exercises and takes approximately 7-10 minutes to complete. With minimal rest between the 3 rounds of the circuit, you'll get a hardcore, demon-demolishing, kick-ass workout done in less than 30 minutes! Or, blast through a single round of the circuit as a quick way to energize your body & annihilate anxiety.

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Now, I’m not a fan of doing the same workout over and over again & locking into a rigid exercise routine. That scenario leads to obsession versus progression. Plus, that mindset leaves no room for listening to your body and adjusting for fluctuating factors -- sleep, nutrition, stress, emotional state, etc. -- that influence how you perform on a daily basis. Ironically, those adjustments are very important for your progress and health...but are rarely addressed in the fitness world.

But some days you just need to do the work. When your mental demons are spiraling out of control and you can’t think straight, let alone be creative enough to investigate what your body needs in the moment…you just need to move. You need a go-to workout that forces you to take action, get out of your head, and get into your body to stop your anxiety spiral. This circuit can do that for you.

This workout doesn’t address long-term progression or individual body needs and goals. That’s where working with a coach one-on-one is vital. But for those times when you need a basic, quick, kick-ass workout when you’re in the midst of either a body slump or mental chaos…this will do the trick.

So, get out of your slump, get in your body, and let's kick some ass!

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***And, by the way, this workout is totally KICK-A$$ enough for you men out there, too, so don't be afraid to try it!

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It's not the exercises that provide the magic; it's your effort & focus that cause you to level up. The power is all in you.

Picture credit: Rachel Neville Photography