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How to Achieve your Peak Performance State:

1) The Physical Tools

Perhaps the most powerful tool the Bad Girl Ballerina has for achieving her peak performance state lies in the physical realm. By taking action to change her physical body, she realizes that she has the power to change her life. It is hard to quantify mental and emotional changes, but a physical improvement is impossible to deny. There is something concrete to see and feel as the changes occur, a reality check of sorts. This provides fuel to spur her growth and evolvement as an artist, giving her confidence to show herself and make herself vulnerable in her art. Not to mention, the physical changes have a huge impact on her dancing, giving her a game-changing advantage in her technique.

As dancers, many of us have an adversarial relationship with our bodies. We are so well-practiced at fighting against our physical bodies in our pursuit for perfection - I’m too fat; my legs are too short; I’m not flexible enough; my turnout is terrible; why can’t I get my extensions higher? “Growing” in our art just consists of finding more and more flaws in our bodies to fix. And, it doesn’t help that many of our flaws involve aspects of our bodies that are genetically impossible to change. So, we wind up grinding and beating our bodies into the ground in our efforts to mold ourselves into an impossible ballet ideal…forever being disappointed in ourselves.

But, through Bulletproof Ballerina workouts, you gain tools to make actual physical changes to your body in a healthy way. Instead of focusing on your flaws, you work with your body to change the things you have control over. You develop a healthy relationship with your body and learn to enhance your uniqueness instead of trying to jam your body into one ideal bunhead mold. So, rather than only seeing your flaws every time you look in the mirror, you start to accept, love, and appreciate who you are; both in terms of your unique body and art.

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You learn how to train for your art, rather than just work out for workout’s sake. It’s not about training more…it’s about training smarter. The traditional practice of taking more and more dance classes to get better will only get you so far because eventually you run out of time and energy. In fact, most dancers are in a constant state of burnout as it is. We just don’t know it because it feels so normal for us to run our bodies into the ground day after day. Bulletproof Ballerina shows you another way. This cross-training workout allows you to make improvements with your body with the combination of higher intensity and more recovery. The result is not only enhancement of your ballet technique, but also the preservation of your body for a long career and life.

The workouts are designed to work with your dance technique to give you more power, control, and coordination with every move you make. Improvements can be seen and felt in your jumps, flexibility, extensions, speed, balance, and stamina. By fortifying your joints and connective tissues, your body will also be much more resilient to injury.

If you are curious about gaining these physical tools to help you achieve your peak performance state as a dancer, come try the Bulletproof Ballerina Blast in NYC this Saturday, April 1, at 2pm (at BeFitNYC - 2726 Broadway at W. 104th St., 2nd Floor). It will give you a taste of what you should expect from a cross-training program that will get you to your next level physically while not destroying your body in the process.

Email me for more details and to reserve your spot today!

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