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How Do You See YourSELF?

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you fixate on all your flaws? Pick out all your imperfections? Berate yourself for not looking how you think you're supposed to look? Criticize your dancing because you don't have the "perfect" proportions or ideal lines?

Or, do you see past all that? Do you see what makes you unique? Do you see what lies underneath the surface? Can you find the power that exists deep in your soul? The light that you can bring that no one else can?

You are your worst critic. No one else judges you as harshly as you do. And if they do...who cares. They don't determine your self-worth. Only you have that power. What good does it do you to constantly tear yourself down and tell yourself how much you don't measure up? That only serves to diminish your worth; to diminish your effectiveness at making an impact with your life. You are already enough; just as you are. You have nothing to prove and no one to impress. So, stop ripping yourself apart and letting your mental demons rule your life.

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But, don't misunderstand this. It's not an excuse to settle, to accept who you are and that's that, or to resign yourself to your situation and just sit back and let it unfold. Rather, it's a reason to hunt for your best self, to fearlessly pursue self-improvement out of a sense of self-love. Not because you want to change yourself because you aren't enough or because you are ashamed of what you are...but precisely because you know what you are worth and that you deserve more out of this life. Because, as far as you know, you only get one shot, one body, one life. So, you better make the most of it. Regret is a terrible thing. Stop wasting your time hating yourself and feeling powerless in your own body. Start putting one foot in front of the other down a path that will build you up. Start hunting for your power.