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Find Your Power

We all just want to feel special, right? And so, we are constantly searching for validation from outside sources...waiting for someone else to recognize us and tell us we are "good enough;" waiting to be told we are special; waiting to be told we are deserving of love and happiness.

But, what if you already knew you were good enough? Imagine the sense of power that would give you. Now, imagine what you could do with that power...not only in terms of how it could add to your own happiness and fulfillment but in how you could impact the rest of the world. Think about what you could do with your art with that kind of confidence. Think of the reach your dancing could have if you opened yourself up to your full expression and capabilities?

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If you haven't already, start your journey to find your power. Here's a hint - it's already inside you...and you are already enough just as you are. Fight the mental demons telling you that you're not good enough. You're the only one in control of your life, and you don't need validation from anyone - not your parents, not your boss, not your "friends," not your teachers, not your followers on social media. No matter what levels of success you reach or how much praise you receive, no one else can ever give you what you are searching for - that thing that will make you feel like everything is okay and that you are finally enough. It has to come from within.

You have to do the work to find yourSELF in the midst of all this noise...and then, fight to build your best SELF from there. Not to please someone else or because you aren't good enough as you are. But, precisely because you know you are worth it and that you deserve to make the most out of your life. Sure, you could survive on the scraps of other people's attention, comments, and opinions of you. Many people do. But, why would you give your power away like that? You deserve more than that.

Photo Credit: Eugene Thong