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I recently returned from a five day vacation to visit family in Northern Michigan, and I figured this was as good of a time as ever to start my blog. Why? Because I just finished my first workout (my Career Extender version) since I left for vacation and feel amazing. Not because of the workout itself (although it does feel invigorating to push my body again!), but because I was able to take an actual vacation from my workouts! I spent five blissful days waking up late, sipping coffee on the porch overlooking Lake Michigan, eating whenever (and whatever!) I wanted, lounging around with family, and exploring in nature. Not once did I worry about finding time to sneak away to squeeze in my workouts. Not once did I feel guilty about not crossing off my daily exercises from my self-imposed "to-do" list. And not once did I fear losing progress in my ballet career while I broke away from my routine.

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I've just recently learned to experience this true feeling of freedom. On past vacations, I used to start every day with a gnawing anxiety around getting my workouts in. Every activity or jaunt in nature really carried a hidden agenda of burning calories or getting some kind of physical push out of it. I could never fully let myself relax or enjoy the environment I was in. My workout obsession stole countless moments out of my vacations (and my life itself!).

This is why I am eternally grateful to have found a training program that allows me let all that go. I am able to totally relax, experience the natural beauty around me, spend invaluable time with family and loved ones, and appreciate each moment as it comes. And, I get to experience all of this while being at a higher level in my dance career than I ever dreamed of when I was workout-obsessed! This, to me, is priceless.

Don't get me is great to have goals and to work hard towards something. But working hard doesn't necessarily mean working more. Let yourself push hard by introducing this new training method, and then give yourself the freedom to let go completely and just experience life on your rest days. Break down your own set of rules and let yourself be a Bad Girl! Sometimes life just needs to be experienced...and I'm hoping to help make that possible for you!

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