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A Gift for YOU!

Discount Code Inside!

Contrary to how many people feel about birthdays...I LOVE them! It is just another reason to celebrate life! And, if you look back on all that you've accomplished in the past 365 days, in the past 5 years, in the past really gives you a chance to appreciate your growth and the knowledge you've gained.

Besides, if you are truly on your path, each year just gets better and better...not "older and older." You learn more about your body and how to work with it rather than fight against it. You figure out how to craft your unique version of ballet. You develop more nuances in your art. You discover more passions to indulge in. You realize what is important to you in life itself. And, you peel back more layers to reveal who you really are underneath all the entrapment society and cultural norms encase you in.

To celebrate how awesome life is, I want to give you a gift - a chance to feel fully alive as you work towards your goals with a healthy, focused, vibrant approach. The power to shape your life into what you want lies in your hands. Sometimes you just need a little guidance to get started on your path.

So, for two days only, you can get my two favorite programs for $37 off (can you guess how old I am?!):

For building full-body coordination and power...and a deep connection to your core, the powerhouse of your dancing.

Mind and body prep to help you feel confident in your skin. Whether you have a photo shoot coming up or not, you can use this program of intense focus to work towards your peak performance state.

To take advantage of your $37 off coupon, just click the buttons above and enter this code (all lowercase) in the promo code box at the checkout:


This coupon code is only valid until midnight Tuesday, May grab your Bad Girl Ballerina tools now!

Let's celebrate how awesome life can be by giving you the power to shape it into what you want!!!

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